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Maximizing the Value of Boundless Brand Consultants

Promotional products deliver so much value for brands. They boost your visibility, deepen relationships, and help you overcome digital marketing fatigue. 

Promo is great on its own, but when you need excellence, it’s time to bring in the pros. As a Top 20 promo distributor, Boundless knows what it takes to design promo campaigns that move the needle. 

The secret sauce? Our people. 

Boundless’ affiliate team of Brand Consultants offers industry-leading support for every step of your promotional product campaigns. Whether you’re designing an employee engagement program or want to spread the word at an industry conference, your Brand Consultant is with you every step of the way. 

If you’ve never worked with a Brand Consultant before, check out this guide to see what Brand Consultants do, why they’re so valuable, and a few examples of our Brand Consultants at work.


What Is a Brand Consultant?

Boundless Brand Consultants are an affiliate network of promotional products experts. We invite only the best of the best to our team and work hard to find pros with a fiery passion for success. 

When it comes down to the wire, you want someone in your corner cheering for you and doing the heavy lifting alongside you. That’s what a Brand Consultant does. 

Brand Consultants develop varied types of campaigns tailored to your needs. They often work with: 

  • HR leaders who need help with retention and recruitment campaigns. We have a stellar track record of creating personalized physical awards and Brand Boxes for employee recognition, motivation, and engagement.
  • Marketing managers who want to boost brand recognition and website traffic. Brand Consultants co-create these campaigns with you to build more buzz. 
  • Event teams to design epic events that turn heads. Brand Consultants work with you on the entire event strategy and execution plan, from pre-event brainstorming to post-event follow-up.

Brand Consultants aren’t just there to find products for you. They get to know you. They understand your brand, goals, and merchandising needs to create perfect promo campaigns. 

Need help managing timelines? No sweat. Brand Consultants work backward to figure out critical dates so you always stay on time and on budget


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How Boundless Brand Consultants Bring Value to the Table

Sure, you could order promotional products without a Brand Consultant. But this team of elite promo experts brings a lot more value to the table.


Quality Products and Supplier Relationships

The Boundless Portal contains 20,000 of the most frequently ordered products by our customers. The system also integrates with the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) product database to help you find more product options.

Need something more personal? Your Brand Consultant has your back. 

Boundless Brand Consultants have relationships with more than 1,500 vendors. They can help you find more bespoke options if you want something you can’t find in the Portal. 

Brand Consultants have access to millions of products. They can help you source personalizable merchandise or locate products that match the shades in your brand guidelines

They even step in to help you create curated brand boxes, which are perfect for creating a uniquely unforgettable unboxing experience for folks at in-person events or even for remote team bonding.


Personalized Direction

No two brands are alike. Get one-on-one direction from your Boundless Brand Consultant and creative team for hyper-personalized campaigns that produce results. They’re basically your own personal marketing agency.

You bring the goals, and your Brand Consultant brings the execution help and support. With a dedicated creative team, you’ll create quality experiences on time and on budget—every time.


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Technological Foundation

Every Boundless Brand Consultant has access to Boundless’ proprietary promo product technology

Our Portal technology makes it easier to find products, connect with collaborators, place orders, track delivery, and generate reports—all in one place. 

Get more visibility into your branded merchandise. Instead of guessing what your organization spends on promo, your Portal account will visualize all spending across departments and teams. Nice, right? 

You can even ask your Brand Consultant and Technology Services team to build a Portal Store. This white-labeled store allows your customers and employees to buy from an approved list of curated products. Boundless technology puts the promo ordering and fulfillment process on autopilot, saving your team hours of work.


Boundless Brand Consultants in Action

Boundless Brand Consultants work with you to offer guidance and support at every stage of your promo campaign. While every business is different, our team of Brand Consultants has a proven track record of excellence for some of the world’s biggest companies. 

Portfolio_Razorfish_main-1 InspirationalCardsBrand Consultant Feature Murray Nagel


Boundless Brand Consultant Melissa Zon helped Razorfish execute an appreciation program for 2,000 employees. This program earned rave reviews and created much-needed camaraderie among the remote team during the pandemic.

BCD Meetings & Events

BCD Meetings & Events wanted to create a hyper-personalized promo gifting experience for its event attendees. The company worked with Brand Consultant Amber George to send a questionnaire to all attendees, then used this information to create custom arrival kits, cocktails, and after-event packages for 1,500 attendees.

Brown Sugar Bourbon

Brand Consultant Murray Nagel worked with Brown Sugar Bourbon to promote its product launch. It sent a high-quality boxed experience to 98 influencers, resulting in thousands of views, tags, mentions, and user-generated content.

Portfolio_Insight_Baby-1.   Encompass-Screen      Promo_WingStop_Social8-1


Brand Consultant Melissa Zon helped Insight create milestone boxes for an employee appreciation initiative. One box went to recently promoted employees, and another was sent to new parents. Melissa also helped Insight automate this program for its 11,000 employees. 

Encompass Health

Brand Consultant Amber George worked with Encompass Health to streamline the promo product buying process. Amber leveraged Boundless’ proprietary GroupBuy™ technology, which led to 25% to 35% annual savings for Encompass Health.


Brand Consultant Brad Blankenship worked with Wingstop to create a buzz with influencers and brand fanatics alike. Through a curated brand box campaign, Wingstop earned 22 media placements and over 275 million impressions.

Capgemini_family_smaller.        aveda2_banner


Capgemini wanted to send employee appreciation gifts to employees across nine cities. The catch? It needed to execute the campaign on a tight six-week deadline. Brand Consultants Cheryl Rogers and Brandon Moss worked with Capgemini to execute the gift initiative, which boosted the morale of hundreds of Capgemini employees. In fact, Capgemini says it was one of its best-performing employee appreciation initiatives of all time.

Aveda Institutes

Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes (IGA) prides itself on helping trendsetters become their best selves while inspiring the next generation of beauty entrepreneurs. Working with Brand Consultant Lanae Wallace, IGA created its own take on the Lululemon Everywhere belt bag. The test was a hit, selling out quickly on the company’s swag portal. 


Amplify Your Brand With Boundless Brand Consultants

Boundless Brand Consultants are the fuel to Inspire Brand Love™ moments. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand, your Brand Consultant is in your corner from start to finish. 

Leverage the power of personalized, one-on-one promo campaigns: chat with a Boundless Brand Consultant now

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