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TL;DR: BCD Meetings & Events hosted a client advisory board meeting and wanted to find a way to provide personalized gifts to each attendee throughout the event. By setting up a questionnaire that guests answered during pre-registration, Boundless used their answers to create customized arrival kits, in-event custom cocktails, and after-event packages.


BCD Meetings & Events is a global company specializing in everything from live and virtual events planning to sports hospitality and team logistics. The company elevates experiences, like meetings, to create a human connection.

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BCD Meetings & Events hosted a client advisory board meeting and wanted to infuse personal gifts and experiences throughout the event to solidify relationships and boost client retention. During pre-registration guests answered a questionnaire about their favorite foods, hobbies, etc., and their answers were used to inform a personalized event experience.


Guests received custom kits upon arrival with their favorite goodies and were served a custom cocktail at dinner based on their questionnaire. After the event, they received a package with a drinkware item, mixology recipes of their personalized cocktails named for each guest, and a custom 12-month calendar filled with attendees' favorite quotes.


By infusing personal touches and personalized promotional products throughout the event, BCD Meetings & Events was able to forge lasting relationships with top clients and create a memorable experience to boost retention.




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