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TL;DR: Encompass Health, with locations in 36 states and more than 40,000 employees, was looking to streamline its branding needs. Partnering with Boundless, we hooked the healthcare company up with our GroupBuy™ technology to make the most of their buying power. This led to 25%-35% annual savings and streamlined brand consistency.



Encompass Health serves patients in 36 states in acute care services. In addition to inpatient rehabilitation services for cardiac, stroke, and cancer care, the company offers hospice services and in-home therapies.

strategy & goals

With more than 40,000 employees across the country and in Puerto Rico, Encompass needed a solution for a fragmented ordering process that would also provide visibility into spending. They wanted to stem control over quantities ordered across their branches.

“Boundless exceeded our expectations. We came from a model that had a lot of room for improvement. When we made the transition to Boundless’ solution, there were adjustments just like with any change — but they made it completely worthwhile. Our partners at Boundless went through every step with me and remain an invaluable resource for us.”
- Erin Volbeda, Director of Marketing, Encompass Health


Encompass implemented Boundless’ patented GroupBuy technology to connect their fragmented buyers and coordinate promotional spend across the organization on everything from monthly incentives gifts to quarterly essential items. GroupBuy allows companies to leverage buying power, perfect for brand like Encompass with so many locations and employees.


By partnering with Boundless, Encompass streamlined their ordering process and has seen 25%-35% in annual savings. GroupBuy is designed to help companies save time, money and streamline brand consistency, providing the ultimate Brand Love moments.





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