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TL;DR: When Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx purchased Brown Sugar Bourbon in 2021 he wanted to reintroduce the brand with a splash. Partnering with Boundless, BSB sent a craveable launch experience to influencers, who quite literally drank it up. The result was thousands of views, tags, and mentions on social media, as well as user-generated content.


Since 2016, Brown Sugar Bourbon (BSB) has graced the glasses of regular partygoers and celebrities alike. Its flavored whiskey products jazz up everything from lemonade to hot toddies to custom cocktails. Billed as the “World’s Best Flavored Whiskey,” this brand wanted to make its spicy cinnamon and brown sugar notes known across the globe.

strategy & goals

Appreciating its delicious flavor and recognizing its promise, Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx purchased BSB in 2021. While Foxx is known for his illustrious acting career, he’s also an avid entrepreneur who saw promise in the brand. After acquiring the business, Foxx knew he wanted to relaunch the BSB brand and get people excited about its new creative direction.

“Our Boundless Brand Consultant was incredibly attentive and guided us from start to finish. They paid careful attention to detail, always listened to our needs, and provided us with an incredible final product of the utmost quality. We will always use Boundless for all our promotional needs moving forward!”
- Kyle Stein, President, BSB Spirits


BSB tapped Boundless Brand Consultant, Murray Nagel, to create an enticing, craveable launch experience to generate online buzz. We worked with BSB to develop the Bourbon Box, a custom-designed box containing: 

  • Full-size bottle of Brown Sugar Bourbon
  • 3 mini bottles of bourbon
  • Creative combination telescope/flask


We delivered these packages to big-name social media influencers, who posted photos and unboxing videos that promoted BSB’s new direction. The boxes generated thousands of views, tags, and mentions, as well as user-generated content that showcased the enticing flavors of BSB. The campaign was a tremendous success and revamped the brand to foster even more Brand Love among cocktail and whiskey enthusiasts.



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