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branding products with purpose

We believe in being intentional with everything we do. As we help you build innovative product campaigns, we know that each choice needs to combine thoughtfulness, creativity, and quality to truly elevate that brand’s identity. That’s why we’re branding products with purpose—not only to better represent your brand but also to create that lasting, sustainable impact.

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Keep, Use, and Appreciate
Our purpose isn’t to peddle out more “tchotchkes,” “trinkets,” or “stuff.” We are making more sustainable decisions with quality products that truly reflect your brand and appeal to your target audience. By inspiring recipients to keep, use, and appreciate your branded merch, we’re keeping products out of landfills and in the hands of your brand’s fans for years to come. It’s simply effective. It’s how we help our clients shine and protect our planet, all at once.
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Go Green with Us
With access to more and more eco-friendly product offerings, it’s actually pretty easy being green. From journals made of apple pulp to pens made of stone, we can help source sustainable solutions that will surprise and delight. Whether we’re hosting product showcases presented by industry experts or creating shoppable eco collections, we continuously invest in earth-wise initiatives to cultivate more Brand Love and planet love.

defining diversity, inclusion, & belonging

We’re starting at the roots to build a better Boundless. Read more to see how we define diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

  • Diversity (fact) is individual differences in racial and ethnic, socioeconomic, geographic, academic, and professional backgrounds. A group of diverse people often have different backgrounds, religious beliefs, political beliefs, sexual orientations, heritage, and life experiences.
  • Inclusion (behavior) is the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.
  • Belonging (emotional outcome) is acceptance as a member or part. You experience belonging when you feel safe and valued for embracing what makes you different.

a plan of action

From creating safe spaces and a culture of accountability to mindfulness and cultural exploration, our Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging committee outlined a clear plan of action.


We strengthen our power of unification by:

  • Creating and operating in safe spaces that foster open, honest, and respectful communication and cooperation within our Boundless team.
  • Increasing cultural engagement: exploring, understanding, and celebrating cultural differences.
  • Increasing mindfulness through understanding the power of language and its inherent harms.
  • Uncovering unconscious and social biases; unpacking stereotypes and generalizations to cultivate a more inclusive environment.
  • Maintaining an atmosphere of respect, upholding the dignity and human rights of all.
  • Maintaining a culture of accountability.

being Boundless. being part of the change.

We know there are still areas of opportunity to promote equity and celebrate our differences. Read below for three areas of opportunity we’re currently focusing on.

  • Equity: We believe that every individual deserves equitable access, compensation, and advancement opportunities. We do not discriminate based on gender identity, race, age, sexual orientation, or physical ability.
  • Family: We support every individual’s right to define what family means to them and to make their family a priority. We do not discriminate based on family definition, situation, or status.
  • Community: We celebrate our differences, share our various cultures with each other, and support every individual’s right to be free-thinking and unique. We do not discriminate based on national origin, culture, or ideology.

“What makes Boundless unique and an amazing place for LGBTQ+ employees is that I am surrounded by people who make me feel like there is always someone in my corner. I have the chance to experience life the way that I deserve to experience it — without judgment and without fear.”

- River Garza, Support Operations Manager