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At Boundless, we believe promotional products are the best way to connect with the people you care about and turn everyday people into champions for your cause. Some call this brand equity or brand loyalty; we call it Brand Love. Whether you’re looking for the perfect product for a customer, prospect, or employee or you are looking for a custom enterprise-wide solution, Boundless is here to help. Our patented technology will help you retain control of your brand, reduce costs, and is the only solution available that will monitor and track 100% of orders placed online and offline. We realize that just about anyone can sell you promotional products, however at Boundless we focus on building Brand Love moments and helping you deliver them at scale.

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Sales Team Profile: Stephanie Woods

Sarah Radin | Boundless on July 19th, 2017

We sat down with Stephanie Woods, owner of Limelight Branding and a Boundless sales affiliate for over 5 years, to learn more about the happy coincidence that brought her from the theatrical marketing world to promos... [...]

Counselor’s Person of the Year 2017: Henrik Johansson

Christopher Ruvo | Boundless on July 13th, 2017

Published in Counselor For Henrik Johansson, entrepreneurship is the ultimate expression of creativity. Growing up in a small town in Sweden, the boy who would become the co-founder/CEO of Top 40 distributor Boundless (asi/143717) knew he [...]

  • Person of the Year

Game Changer: Your Guide to Trending Sports Swag

Jessica Onions | Boundless on June 28th, 2017

There is no doubt that sporting events are America’s favorite pastime.  And with them being such an integral part of our culture and economy, it is safe to say that the huge role sports play [...]

  • Game Changer