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TL;DR: Marketing firm Razorfish is all about “experience.” When more than 2,000 workers across the globe were suddenly working from home during the pandemic, Razorfish tapped Boundless to help create some Brand Love. This came in the form of an experiential box as well as credit to pick up goodies from an online company store.


As a marketing transformation team, Razorfish has dominated the advertising market, creating experiences, not just ads. The company is a frequent winner of creative awards, helping brands define who they are while distinguishing themselves within their own space.

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Razorfish is all about transformation through experience. Although the brand creates unforgettable experiences for its own clients, it realized its internal team needed a magical experience, as well. After transitioning to a work-from-home model, Razorfish wanted to create an employee appreciation campaign that made employees feel valued.

“Working with the Boundless team has been an absolute pleasure. The team consistently went above and beyond to respond to our unique requests quickly. This project was very complex and yet the Boundless team made it feel seamless. The Boundless team brought their A-game and made us on the marketing team shine. We are so glad we chose them as our preferred branded merchandise vendor, and we look forward to working on many more projects together in the future.”
- Jacky Thompson, Marketing Project Manager, Razorfish


Razorfish tapped Boundless’s internal marketing prowess to create two solutions: the Razorfish employee appreciation box and an online pop-up store just for staff. 

Every employee appreciation box contained:

  • Celebratory champagne flute
  • Recipe for a custom “Purple Magic” cocktail, based on Razorfish’s signature purple branding
  • Sleeve of tech tattoos based on Razorfish’s core values
  • Literal token of appreciation as a brand collectible

But Razorfish wanted to personalize each employee’s experience, too. That’s why it worked with Boundless to create an online pop-up store for employees, featuring products that tied into the Razorfish aesthetic. Each team member had a $50 credit to spend in the store on whatever they wanted. The employees loved the idea and jumped at the chance to pick the goodies they really wanted from the online store.


Razorfish already knows the value of connecting people. Together, the brand and Boundless fostered a sense of camaraderie and appreciation among Razorfish’s dedicated team.




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