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TL;DR: IT giant Insight was looking for creative solutions to help celebrate the milestones of its more than 11,000 global employees. Pairing with Boundless, the company instituted two milestone boxes: A leadership gift for newly promoted employees and a New Baby Gift to celebrate new parents.


With more than 11,000 employees across the globe, IT giant Insight has grown exponentially from its start-up as a mail-order company. As Insight has added more companies to its name, a single constant has been the culture of the company that shows its appreciation for team members.

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Insight paired with Boundless Brand Consultant, Melissa Zon, to find creative solutions to honor individual milestones across the company. Insight wanted to reward promotions and celebrate new additions, so we created a Leadership Gift Box and a New Baby Gift.


Using a creative back-end solution, Boundless was able to employ monthly reporting to coordinate employee kits. Each gift came packaged in a custom box with a letter from the CEO. For the Leadership Gift, newly promoted employees received the popular hardback book “The First 90 Days” and a pair of custom Insight branded socks or a retail scarf. For the New Baby Gift, parents at Insight received retail trumpet socks and a onesie.


By leveraging Boundless, Insight was able to automate a program that increased employee goodwill. This creative direction celebrated life-changing events with Brand Love for even the littlest additions to the Insight family.




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