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Create Brand Love™

From branded concept design and purposeful product selection to fulfillment and dropshipping (and everything in between), our people-to-people approach is one you can trust. We even manage the boring logistics (so you don’t have to!) to help you achieve unforgettable direct mail experiences and creatively executed product campaigns that are always on-brand and on-time. Just tell us your project goals, and we'll get to work.

why create your own box collection?

In an increasingly virtual world, nothing has more lasting impact than a gift in hand.  That’s why we specialize in curating memorable product collections that reach people in more ways than one.

In fact, the stats don't lie—66% of people are able to recall a brand name after receiving a corporate gift from them! They’ll remember who it came from and how it made them feel. 

By offering creative and personalized solutions, our expert Brand Consultants help you make a lasting impression by delivering unique and elevated gifting experiences to your recipients. From curated boxes and direct mail pieces to an online Gift-of-Choice platform, we have so many ways to Create Brand Love™ with your target audience!

Events Marketing
Enhance the experience using attendee, presenter, and sponsor boxes.
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Corporate Gifting
Beautifully designed and merchandised boxes that reach gifting goals.
Product Promotion
Build major buzz for new product launches and PR campaigns.
Show appreciation and care for your colleagues and clients.

past projects

designed, sealed, & delivered

Innovation with deep understanding of your brand is our special sauce. Boundless helps you Create Brand Love™ with our creative expertise and ability to source and design any product campaign you can imagine. We can use your existing brand imagery, colors, slogans, and assets or design something completely new and custom for themed events, corporate gifts, and product launches! You choose the adventure, and we're down for the ride.

Need to deliver to a remote audience? These kits reach all of your biggest brand fans, no matter where they may be.


Let's build a box!

be inspired

This isn’t our first rodeo, y’all. Check out our recent curated box collections for more inspiration!


tell us about your project!

Have a specific project or business need? Share why you’re thinking inside the box, and a dedicated Brand Consultant will reach out to start the process.