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TL;DR: Boundless selected, sourced, and drop-shipped employee appreciation gifts on a tight six-week deadline.


Capgemini is a leading digital transformation enterprise with more than 300,000 employees across the globe. In the era of quiet quitting, Capgemini wanted to launch an employee appreciation program that would reward employees for their engagement. 

In addition to launching an internal People Experience Team, Capgemini also tapped Boundless to create its first large-scale employee appreciation program. Boundless joined the project in August of 2022, with employee appreciation week scheduled for the second week of October. This timeline gave us less than six weeks to roll out a massive appreciation program, and the Boundless team, led by Brand Consultant Cheryl Rogers and Brandon Moss, was up for the challenge.

strategy & goals

Capgemini wanted to create a program that would excite employees. With Boundless, Capgemini decided to offer a raffle with themed prizes. Employees could earn raffle tickets by completing specific challenges. They could then visit the Capgemini raffle portal to select their prizes. 

Some gifts included branded North Face jackets and quarter-zip pullovers. Depending on the day, employees could also win a variety of other unbranded prizes: 

  • Music Monday: AirPods, Samsung Buds, or a karaoke machine.
  • Travel Tuesday: Segway or premium TUMI luggage.
  • Wellness Wednesday: Weighted blanket, Theragun, or an air purifier.
  • Tech Thursday: iPad or a Samsung tablet.
  • Family Friday: Vertical smoker, foosball table, or LEGO set.

Boundless Brand Consultants Cheryl Rogers and Brandon Moss helped Capgemini select, order, and drop-ship these goods directly to employees’ homes. What made this campaign truly unique was Capgemini’s CSR mandate. The company is committed to using 100% eco-friendly products, so Boundless found only sustainably sourced products. 

The Boundless Team was also tasked to make the Capgemini employee engagement program as effortless as possible. They created dozens of online data forms with built-in security to ensure only verified Capgemini employees could participate. From there, the secure system was integrated with Boundless' shipping platform to ensure a seamless process and no delivery issues.


Managing morale and employee engagement and retention for a company with hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide is challenging. Capgemini held its employee engagement program across nine different cities, so the scale and sheer speed of the campaign were impressive. 

The campaign also managed to get employees excited about work. In fact, it was one of Capgemini’s best-performing employee appreciation initiatives of all time!




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