Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

2019 tech trends

Technology is constantly changing and updating which makes keeping track of what’s new in the tech world a daunting task.  Conventions like the Consumer Technology Association (CES) show are super valuable for those of us trying to stay in the know as it is the world’s gathering place for everyone who is interested in the business of technology.  Every year CES brings the global technology industry together with leaders from hundreds of business sectors to Las Vegas to explore the latest trends and innovations.  Our supplier partner BIC Graphic is known for being on the forefront of trends and has the latest tech trends to know from the show in this special guest Spark blog!

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Trend #1: Performance laptops are more accessible than ever

The question of whether the laptop is a dead design has been floating around tech circles for years.  With the number of stylish, sleek and high-performance laptops at CES this year the answer to that question is a definitive NO.  The Nvidia RTX-20 series mobile GPUs led the way for a slew of powerful new processors and graphic cards that will bring gaming laptops to the next level.  The bevels on displays are also getting thinner so manufacturers can make smaller machines more easily and the designs are getting sleeker.

What this means for promos: Laptop accessories like sleeves, and tech backpacks are trending huge in 2019. Companies shell out tons of money for the latest laptops and these expensive tech products need protection!  Laptop sleeves and tech backpacks have some serious branding real estate and will be kept and used for a lasting impression.  On top of this, laptop accessories like wireless mouses, mouse pads, USB drives, and power banks are also popular promotional product giveaways.

Trend #2: Smart living devices are becoming more commonplace

The popularity of smart home devices has exploded in recent years, and over 26 billion connected devices are predicted to be installed globally this year.  CES is one of the best places to see the newest smart devices in action, whether you are looking for something to control your thermostat, lock your doors or even flush your toilet.  The latest smart devices are designed to get out of the house and be used on the go so consumers can live the smart life wherever they go.

What this means for promos: Smart devices have an extremely high perceived value and make for great branded giveaways.  Whether you use as a corporate gift or as a social media giveaway, your customers will keep and use these devices.

CES 2019
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Trend #3: Less fitness more health

Basic fitness trackers are becoming more affordable, so device makers have expanded features to advance the tech of wearables to stand out in the market.  Instead of just counting steps, these devices are now notifying wearers of their health in real time – from monitoring hypertension to monitoring sleep or telling you if a loved one is in distress.

With the booming popularity of overall wellness and self-care, it is no surprise that wearables are shifting focus to try and improve your health and live better.

What this means for promos: Health and wellness products have exploded and make for impactful giveaways.  By giving a branded product that supports a person’s well being, you are forming an emotional connection with your brand.

Trend #4: Sustainability 2.0

Earth-friendly tech is nothing new, but this year green innovations seemed a little different.  Instead of just showcasing electric cars or clean drones, sustainable and eco-conscious tech seemed to be a standard feature on the show floor.  The most impressive innovations shook up daily habits like washing dishes and making dinner.  The takeaway?  Be on the lookout for cleaner and greener alternatives showing up in everyday life.

What this means for promos: Upcycled, recycled, and environmentally conscious promotional products exist and are thriving.  Progressive companies who’s mission statements include being eco-friendly can further that communication with the branded products they choose. 

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