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Inside Boundless: The Perks of Being Boundless

Our Boundless community is made up of more than 100 corporate teammates and a team of 120+ national Brand Consultants. We emphasize the “pro” in promo product sales.

We combine people, products, platforms, and purpose to create a truly enviable culture and forge an industry-leading reputation as a promo trailblazer. 

It’s all thanks to our Brand Consultants. Our consultants have served more than 10,000 buyers across 3,000 companies—and we’re just getting started. 

The Brand Consultants that define our affiliate network are never “just a number.” Because we value expertise from our sales pros, Boundless is committed to making the promo sales process as easy as pie. 

If you’re ever considering a career move that will help you spend less time on finicky office tasks and boost your revenue potential, consider becoming a Boundless Brand Consultant. You can ditch the side quests and return to the work you love most: selling and supporting your clients. 

When considering a change, here are just a few ways Boundless supports Brand Consultants hungry for growth.

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Peek Behind the Curtain: 6 Perks of Being a Boundless Brand Consultant

You’re growing your business and want to build stronger client relationships. There’s just one little problem: you’re weighed down by emails, supplier relationship management, accounting, and everything else that comes with promotional product sales. 

It’s a lot, isn’t it? 

Since 2010, we’ve been an ASI Top 40 promotional product distributor, which gives us the experience to support your big, audacious goals. When sales can feel like herding cats, Boundless offers a slew of juicy benefits to make your life easier.

1. Say Goodbye to Admin Work

Does the thought of sending one more invoice fill you with dread? We know you didn’t get into sales to do tedious admin work. 

Do work that excites you again: Boundless offers back-office support so you can focus on selling, not on paperwork. All Boundless Brand consultants have access to a dedicated back-office team of superheroes that handle everything from accounting to order coordination.

But that’s just the beginning. Boundless is so invested in your success that we meet with you regularly to brainstorm strategies to grow your business. In fact, we have a track record of helping our sales partners boost to over $1 million in sales.

“I have grown in so many different ways here at Boundless,” Brand Consultant Jennifer Mora says. “Mainly in my confidence as a salesperson—to truly know you have a team that will support you in every way possible.”

2. Freedom To Manage Your Clients

Look, we aren’t here to step on your toes. All Boundless Brand Consultants can maintain direct relationships with their clients and control their own businesses. 

We know you do your best work unencumbered. With this arrangement, you get much-needed resources and flexibility to sell how you want to sell. “With Boundless, I’ve more than tripled my business. I definitely could not have done that without the support they have provided me,” Brand Consultant Amber George says.

3. Out-Of-The-Box Proprietary Technology

Technology may be the future of promotional products, but Boundless invested in tech long before it was a hot trend. Boundless was founded as the first technology-enabled promo company in 2005. Today, we take a progressive, forward-thinking approach to promotional products by combining flexible technology with out-of-the-box thinking.

Boundless equips each Brand Consultant with a proprietary, 24/7 technology platform that gives your clients more visibility and control. 

Boundless GroupBuy™ is a patented technology that aggregates your clients' orders to save time and money. Plus, it simplifies your job as a sales pro. It’s entirely customizable for each client and allows them to browse, collaborate, purchase, and track orders in one innovative platform. 

Are you worried about security? We’ve got your back. Mission Control is our team of tech wizards that stay on top of the latest data security requirements to keep your clients’ information under lock and key.

And if you ever have tech questions, Mission Control is here to guide you and your clients every step of the way.

Boundless Marketing Team at PPAI Expo 2023

4. Readymade Marketing Team

Need to send an email, provide trending product ideas to your clients, or send turnkey self-promo campaigns to your leads?  Boundless offers marketing and creative services to save you a lot of time while making you look extra polished for your clients. 

If sales enablement is what you need, the Boundless marketing folks give you all that and then some. Boundless’ multichannel marketing team works with you to create email automation campaigns, blog copy, social media, mailers, and more.

5. Established Supplier Relationships

As a promotional products sales pro, your business is only as strong as your supplier relationships. But who has the time to manage hundreds or thousands of suppliers simultaneously? 

The Boundless Supplier Relations Team negotiates annual contracts with top-tier suppliers and passes the benefits on to you. Boundless leverages a network of more than 1,500 suppliers and manufacturers to give Brand Consultants serious perks like:

  • The best possible pricing
  • Credit terms
  • Annual rebates
  • Exclusive offers and discounts

Our vast network of suppliers allows you access to almost any product under the sun. And if the suppliers don’t have the item you need, Boundless works with you to find it. 

Plus, if there’s ever an issue with a supplier, your Boundless team will handle all escalations for you.

6. Enviable Culture

Not to brag, but Boundless is renowned for its people-first culture. We’re picky about who we work with, and that’s for good reason: our Brand Consultants are the best. 

Boundless formed a group of promo trailblazers who share ideas, celebrate each other, and offer peer-to-peer support. There’s no competition here: just a supportive environment where stellar teamwork supports your growth. Every Brand Consultant can access monthly sales connection calls, peer-sharing groups, social media groups, webinars, and more.

Boundless is renowned for our Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DBI) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Commitment. We believe in purposeful business, which means caring for our people, community, and environment.

“Boundless is like a second family. I not only work for a great company, but I genuinely love the people,” Brand Consultant Noel Garcia says. “It’s beyond anything I would have expected in my career. I have access to the greatest resources and minds in the industry with sharing amongst peers.”

Boundless Team Members at the Pride Parade in Austin, TX.

Be Celebrated. Be Supported. Be Boundless.

If you want to work with an experienced team that lifts you up and celebrates you, consider Becoming Boundless. PPAI consistently recognizes Boundless on its Greatest Companies to Work For list—and it doesn’t hurt that we’ve worked with 55% of our Brand Consultants for over 10 years.

Be a promotional rockstar: Learn more about becoming a Boundless Brand Consultant.

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