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Sustainable Swag: 2024’s Best Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Every day should be Earth Day, but there’s just something special about April 22. Celebrating Earth Day this year is a timely reminder of our shared responsibility for fostering a sustainable future. Whether you walk instead of drive or try to cut back on food waste, there are many ways to show your appreciation for Mother Earth. Being eco-friendly at work is a smart way to reduce your carbon footprint, so it’s no wonder why more brands are opting for sustainable promotional products.

Promo products are a cornerstone of in-person marketing, but they haven’t always been kind to the planet. Fortunately, in 2024, more promotional efforts are aligning with environmental consciousness. From innovative materials like seaweed plastic to future-thinking fashion with lifetime warranties, 2024 is the year of sustainability for promo. In this guide, we’ll explain why sustainable promotional products are such a big deal and share our seven favorite eco-promo picks for this year.


Why Sustainable Promotional Products Matter

Greenwashing is a real problem, but truly sustainable promotional products will never go out of style. If you haven’t invested in eco-friendly promo, it’s a good move because:

  • It minimizes waste: If consumers don’t like your products, they’ll toss them in the trash. Unwanted tchotchkes contribute to pollution and landfill waste, which is bad for both the Earth and your budget. But thoughtful promo products that people use repeatedly are great for minimizing waste and boosting impressions. It’s a win-win!
  •     It’s cheaper: Eco-friendly products get a bad rap for being pricey, but their popularity has actually made them much cheaper. Sure, some eco-promo is still more expensive, but there are plenty of affordable, high-quality options on the market. Since eco-promo is usually made from recycled or upcycled materials, you’ll probably spend less on promotional products.
  •     Consumers crave sustainable products: Seventy-eight percent of consumers believe sustainability is important. Heck, 55% of them are willing to spend more on eco-friendly products. Going green with your promo this year is an easy way to differentiate yourself from competitors by giving customers exactly what they want. Enjoy the bragging rights that come with going green and give consumers yet another reason to choose your brand over everyone else.

Top Sustainable Promotional Products of 2024

Sustainable products are constantly evolving, and we’re seeing exciting trends in green promotional products this year. If you want a little inspo, add these seven eco-promo goodies to your promotional programs this year.

1. Wood Power Banks

Power banks are a clever promo gift for anybody on the go. But most power banks are made from plastic, which takes ages to break down in the landfill. Instead of putting more plastic into the world, go for power banks made from wood. The Wood MagClick Power Bank is a great option that’s compatible with nearly every mobile phone on the market.

2. Multi-Function Backpacks

Backpacks are always a hit, but it’s even better if you go for backpacks built for longevity. Remember, the higher quality and longer-lasting the promo item, the more likely your audience will keep it around. Choose backpacks made from spill-resistant fabrics that prevent messes and long-term damage. Both you and the recipient will get way more life out of a dry backpack than a soggy one, after all.


3. Self-Purifying Water Bottles

The Stanley tumbler created a craze for reusable water bottles that’s still going strong. However, other water bottles, like Larq, have even more useful features. Larq’s self-cleaning water bottle has a portable water purification system that allows even the most adventurous of folks to stay hydrated—safely—no matter where they roam.

4. Reclaimed Fiber Sweatshirts

Did you know landfills receive over 92 million tons of clothing and textile waste annually? This is a complex problem, but you can prevent landfill waste by opting for shirts made from reclaimed fiber. Many Boundless clients source branded swag made from 100% post-industrial reclaimed fiber, diverting waste from landfills and giving textiles a useful second life.

5. Solar-Powered Tech

The world is increasingly interested in renewable energy. Solar is both convenient, affordable, and effective, so why not give away a few solar-powered tech pieces this year? Look for materials like Powerfoyle, which can harness both indoor and outdoor light. The right solar material will make the difference, whether powering a solar-powered air pump, watch, or earbuds.


6. Farming Accessories and Kits

More people are interested in where their food comes from. This trend encourages everyone, from suburbanites to urban apartment dwellers, to experiment with gardening and farming. Growing flowers, fruits, and veggies is great for both the Earth and for mental health, so tap into this trend with promo products like:

7. Transparent Promotional Products

Greenwashing is an insidious problem that hurts consumer trust in sustainable products. Nobody wants that, which is why we’re seeing a surge in promotional products that go the extra mile to prove authenticity.

For example, Miir manufactures a backpack with Aware ™ technology, which adds a physical tracer to the backpack to prove end-to-end sustainability, from its origin to the consumer. Snack brand Tony’s Chocoloney also sells 100% verified exploitation-free chocolate.

If you want your audience to take your eco-promo efforts seriously, look for products with trusted certifications and partnerships. Fair Trade Certified, Rainforest Alliance, 1% For the Planet, and Leaping Bunny are good places to start.

Invest in Planet-Friendly Promos This Year

Sustainability isn’t a passing fad. This is a long-term approach that will reap dividends for your business. Choosing eco-friendly promotional products shows you care about the planet—and your customers will notice.

Eco-promo is only becoming more sustainable, affordable, and effective. But it changes over time, so it’s important to be in tune with what’s chic and what’s so last week. Check out the full Boundless 2024 Lookbook to explore the hottest upcoming trends in eco-promo.

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