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Remember when you used to go to a brick and mortar store when you wanted apparel… you know, before Amazon, Zappos and other e-commerce companies took over the world?  Instead of ordering something with a click of a button, you would walk into a store, have a conversation with an actual human, try on your outfits, before finally paying at a checkout counter. And while there will always be those who want that in-person experience, more people (especially Millennials) are turning to online shopping over traditional shopping malls.

Online vs store

By purchasing online, consumers are able to get what they perceive to be the same store products, for way less hassle, and usually at a more competitive price. So, what’s the catch? Increasingly in the promotional products space, we are feeling the pressure of the online retail shopping trend. But when it comes to your brand, a click of a button doesn’t always cut it.  There are no free returns if you don’t like the way your campaign turned out, and choosing from a list of stock options online is only going to make your brand look exactly like your competitors.

When it comes to branding, differentiation, and creativity are key, so choosing from a handful of less than original options online just won’t cut it. You want promotional products that are what I like to call “Google Proof”… meaning they are indescribable and in essence unable to be found easily via a web search. If a basic polo with a left chest white imprint is what you are looking for, sure you can Google it, but… so can everyone else.  This is where creativity, and relying on the expertise of a distributor like Boundless comes into play.

We are experts in what is trending and can help you differentiate your brand to make a lasting impression.  With over 6 high-quality imprinting methods and hundreds of unique apparel pieces to choose from, we help you deliver the greatest impact for your brand. A product that will be seen because people will love to wear it and a brand that will be memorable each and every time it’s worn. We are able to imprint in unique locations like across seams and zippers. Less than 10% of our embroidery orders are done on the left chest – WOW.

Imprinting methods
6 imprint methods allow for versatile looking garments

The trend is moving away from the common – the searchable.  We’re finding many customers going with unique locations – such as taking a logo that is very linear and imprinting it vertically along the left chest versus horizontally, or taking a smaller logo and imprinting it on the back yoke. We’re also seeing the use of distressed art on, say, a soft, drapey sweatshirt for an aged look. And multi-media – combining different methods on the same garment, holds the potential for an entirely new realm of creativity.

While your competitor is sporting a basic logo, you can differentiate and make a bigger impression with a more unique decorated piece.  Keep in mind when you are repeatedly exposed to the same thing, for example, a left chest embroidery on a polo, your brain is going to tune out the logos and your expensive branded apparel campaign will have little to no recall.  By thinking out of the box, you are maximizing your advertising spend. On top of that, your employees are MUCH more likely to sport your branded apparel and enjoy wearing uniform pieces that have that “wow” factor.

What makes these pieces so customized is that you have a creative team that knows your brand handpicking your apparel, and then offering you several methods and designs to brand that piece. When you are googling and choosing from stock pieces, you are going to be missing out on a lot of opportunities for your brand to standout. We can show you how to take a basic polo to the next level with unique imprints and decoration methods. If you are going to spend $30+ on a garment, you need to make it count, and you need to be different from your competitors.  And that is something Google and Amazon just can’t help you with.

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