Don’t Sweat It, Here’s What’s Trending In Summer Apparel


What’s trending?

We get asked that question a lot, and for good reason.  Apparel trends in particular fluctuate faster than any other product category in our industry due to the seasonal nature of clothing.  We know staying on top of what’s trending in apparel can be tough, but don’t sweat it!  After working with our preferred apparel vendors and researching top retail fashion blogs we’ve identified two major apparel trends making waves this summer.

Trend #1 Game On!

Game On

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American culture is heavily influenced by sports.  Think about it, we love tailgating, the Superbowl is pretty much a national holiday, and we idolize sports stars like they were rock stars.  So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the influence of sports extends all the way our wardrobes.

Our love of the game has inspired outdoor and office looks alike.  Brands like Adidas and Champion are popular with your customers and offer versatile performance wear for every occasion.  Raglan baseball styles are being melded with high-quality blouses and polos for a trendy look that is office friendly.  And on top of that, classic sports accessories like high socks and caps have become increasingly popular branded giveaways. Check out the collection for yourself to see more game day inspired apparel and accessories.

Trend #2 Festival Vibes

Festival Vibes

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Live music has and always will be an important part of our culture and as of late, outdoor music festivals have exploded in popularity.  In fact, according to Billboard, over 32 million Americans attend music festivals annually!  As more festivals have cropped up and as attendance has soared, we’re seeing festival fashion evolve and grow.  Celebrities and social media influencers have helped push this movement forward and their collective “festival fashion” has influenced everything from the basic tee to cardigans.

The Festival Vibes trend favors flowy and free-spirited wear and features breathable, light-weight fabrics to help your customers and employees beat the heat.  Denim paired with a high-neck tank or a men’s pocket tee is a festival look that can be dressed up for the office or worn around town.  Instead of a basic tee, go for a fashion tee like a crop, scoop neck, or unisex muscle tee.  To finish the look your customers can sport a cotton drawstring bag, a custom bandanna, or some wooden sunglasses with YOUR logo on it. Check out the full line of festival favorites here!

Trends are always evolving, and it is important to keep tabs on changes to make sure you can stay trendy with your apparel and accessory branded giveaways.  Make sure you are subscribed to the Spark blog to stay in the know!

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