Which Water Bottle Embodies Your Brand Personality?

Creating a promotional product that will make an impression takes more than just imprinting a logo and selecting the right color. Infusing the brand’s personality into all representations of the brand is a great way make a lasting impact, forging a stronger connection with the person receiving the product.

With the increasing popularity of health and fitness accessories alongside growing interest in sustainability, it’s no surprise that drinkware was one of the top ten branded promotions of 2014. In fact, a quarter of American consumers own a piece of drinkware that has a company’s logo on it (Source: ASI). Drinkware is a great promotional product due to the wide range of innovative concepts available in today’s market, and the product’s inherent usefulness.

A neat water bottle with a logo on it can be a great gift, but a water bottle that encapsulates a brand’s personality can be a much more powerful marketing tool. Finding the right product based on brand personality and target audience has the power to create more moments of Brand Love, or meaningful connections between a brand and the people it cares about.

Every brand has a personality that ideally is reflected in all an organization’s activities, communications, and products. The more this personality can permeate all aspects of an organization’s identity, the stronger the brand will become. So if an organization was to select a water bottle that reflects its tone, style, and values, and resonates with its target market, what would it look like? How could brand personality be embodied by a product?

Let’s explore how a range of water bottles can reflect the personalities of different brands.

Brand Profile 1: Young and Hip
Personality: spontaneous, modern, accessible. Uses a friendly tone to communicate with its audience.

  FruitInfuseryellow This fruit-infusing water bottle is fresh and fun, and perfect for a young and active audience. The glass bottle gives a modern appeal to a classic shape.


Brand Profile 2: Sleek and Savvy
Personality: professional, forward-thinking, premium. Uses a professional tone to communicate with its audience.

EflaskThis slim acrylic design allows the water bottle to fit perfectly alongside a laptop or books. It is eco-friendly (BPA-free) and ideal for laptop cases, briefcases, and purses.


Brand Profile 3: Established and Classic
Personality: Corporate, reserved, traditional. Uses a professional tone to communicate with its audience.

 StainlesscropThis canteen-style stainless steel bottle will never go out of style. The lid has both a small and large opening for easy cleaning and adding ice. This versatile product is appropriate for any day, and is of course BPA-free.


Brands are created and strengthened through every element they put out into the world―from their products, to their website, to their representatives’ daily interactions with their audience. It’s important to remember that a brand isn’t just something a designer and marketing team create in a company logo. Rather, it’s the entire experience customers have when doing business with an organization.

Explore your brand’s personality today and find products that will help you create more Brand Love.

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