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The tech category isn’t the largest in the promotional products industry, in fact in 2017 tech products only comprised around 3% of total sales.  And although the category is only a drop in the bucket, there is just something about receiving a tech product that has the ability to form a lasting brand connection.  Tech inherently has a high-perceived value, and products like power banks, speakers and headphones are just plain useful.  When you give away branded tech and tech accessories you are giving away a gift people will actually keep and regularly use.

A lot of times the tech category is ruled out as a promotional giveaway because there is an assumption that these products are going to be expensive.  But, the branded products industry has certainly risen to the challenge and recently has increased the price range on a lot of popular tech products. Branded wireless earbuds, for example, are available anywhere from $8 to $200.  And along with a wide array of good, better, best tech options, accessories such as wallet sleeves, popsockets, and tech tacos allow you to capitalize on the popularity of tech giveaways without breaking your budget.

So, with that in mind we’ve got 3 hot trends for your brand to know in 2018 and compiled some of our favorite picks to help you make an impression.


Wireless technology isn’t new, but with nearly all new phone models ditching the headphone jack this year, the demand for wireless audio has skyrocketed in the promotional product industry.  Additionally, almost all new 2018 phone models now have wireless charging capabilities.  With the prevalence of smartphones, these big changes are shaping demand for upgraded tech to keep up with our rapidly evolving phones.

Wireless headphones and wireless charging pads in particular are huge right now and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.  Some of my favorites include the Switch Back Headphones that can also turn into a wireless speaker when you twist the ear buds out.  Or if you want wireless audio without the bulk, these small wireless earbuds fit snugly in your ears and come with a case that keeps them charged up.  As for wireless charging pads, this bamboo wireless charger looks strait out of retail and is wildly popular as a giveaway.  The widespread demand for wireless tech makes these products a great choice to make an impression with your tech-savvy audience.

Selfie Accessories

According to a recent report, young adults will take more than 25,000 pictures of themselves in their lifetimes. The selfie, which gained widespread popularity after the iPhone 4 made their cameras front facing in 2010, clearly is not a fad.  This lifestyle trend offers a great opportunity to give a branded selfie accessory, and will be a hit in particular with young adults.  Products like selfie lights, and remote shutters help your young audience optimize their selfies. And, if you wanted to give a high-value gift, the selfie drone is the ultimate giveaway to tap into the selfie trend.

Smart Tech

We identified smart tech as one of our top 3 trends after visiting PPAI Vegas, and it looks like the trend is here to stay.  Smart home products such as the smart plug, Alexa speaker, and smart WiFi bulb, which allow you to control devices in your home through your phones, continue to be popular branded giveaways.  Another awesome smart device called the Onyt is very popular and is an app-enabled smart button that can be programmed to do anything from turning on a stereo to ordering a pizza with the press of a button. Not only that, but the device is also a safety piece that can alert friends and family to your location if there is trouble.  As apps and phones keep evolving, smart accessories will continue to grow in popularity.

These 3 trends only scratch the surface of what’s possible and we’re brimming with ideas to infuse branded tech products into your marketing strategy.  Check out the rest of our 2018 favorites here, or contact us to learn more and brainstorm on your next campaign.

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