We Won an Award for Our Branding – So What?

Last week, Boundless was honored on stage at the House of Blues Las Vegas during the PPAI Expo, the largest trade show in the promotional products industry and a top 50 trade show in the nation. Boundless received Silver in the Branding Category, recognizing excellence for our company’s rebrand, which launched in April of 2015.

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Stephanie Freyer & Rasmus Wendt accept the Branding Award on behalf of Boundless

After a decade of growth and success, Boundless tasked the marketing team with re-envisioning the brand to make sure that our mission as a company and the audience we exist to serve were being accurately represented by our brand. After much soul-searching, the basis of how we orchestrated the rebrand all came down to a simple question: why are we here? Why does Boundless exist? At the end of the day, what is this all for?

Left to Right: old logo (2010-2015) vs new logo (2015-present)

What we realized is that we are all about helping our clients make connections, build relationships, spark memories, and create “moments” with the people they care about. Our new branding represents this sentiment, which is really what we’ve always been about. But now we have the branding and messaging to bring it to the forefront of all of our communications. Our old logo, which symbolized three pillars of our business (people, process, and platform) communicated our “how.” It was time, with our new logo, to communicate our “why.”

Boundless Homepage Banner

For Boundless and the marketing team, winning the Branding Award at PPAI is a huge accomplishment. So I’m going to take a few minutes to “toot our own horn” and explain why an award of this nature is so significant for us.

In case it’s not already obvious, we work in the marketing industry. Branding is our trade. Our job, day in and day out, is to represent our clients’ brands. To build relationships between our clients’ brands and their respective audiences. To create connections using a color, a logo, a consistent and palpable feeling evoked with a customer at every touch point with a brand. We handle our clients’ brands with the utmost care and respect―because at the end of the day, our job is to strengthen it, to build it, to protect it.

How do we do that? The answer is simple but not easy. Keeping every single brand experience consistent and relevant is a huge factor. By keeping every application of a logo consistent, and choosing product executions that make sense―that mirror the brand, not just ones that are cheap or easy―we are supporting the brand identity and creating a stronger association in the customers’ mind.


Each time a logo is applied to an object―a communication method, a promotional product, a website, an email, or a business card―it carries inherent value. It evokes a feeling (trust, happiness, quality) or a memory (a time we were reassured or felt appreciated). But each time it looks different―it’s stretched, it’s missing an element, its color is off―it loses that value. Each time it looks the same, it strengthens the relationship it creates with the user.

Boundless worked tirelessly to create not just a logo, but also a corresponding web and social experience, and with that a carefully selected library of assets and images that reflect who we are. That symbolize moments of connection. These images and executions reflect our brand personality―driven, insightful, trustworthy, thoughtful, happy―and evoke feelings of joy and pride. This same commitment to carefully managed branding applies our clients, as well. Our team and our technology provide the best tools in the industry to ensure brand consistency and strength. As marketers, our job is to protect our brand, and it just so happens, it’s our job to do that for our clients, too.

Source: idea-r.it
Source: idea-r.it

Having attained the highest honor awarded in the Branding Category, Boundless has been recognized by this international industry organization as a leader in our space, which is of the utmost importance for the work we do. While we are humbled, it seems like common sense for everyone in our industry to take their own brand seriously. If not, how can we be trusted to manage the brands of thousands of companies? Our clients come to us, put their brand in our hands, and task us with becoming more than just partners, but ambassadors. It is a job we love to do, and we embrace every moment of it.


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