Visionary Promo Ideas When You’re Feeling Lost

We’re honored to share this guest post from Dan Frailey of RuMe, one of our preferred partners! Dan shares his insights on how you can win at promotions – creating integrated campaigns that drive results to differentiate yourself and establish a true partnership with your client.

The essence of sales (and marketing) is to find your client’s or potential client’s most unsatisfied pain point and offer the salve that alleviates that pain. But, what if your client is unable to articulate what those needs are? Or what if you are unable to engage the prospect in dialogue yet?

In this post, I’ll discuss a method we use at RuMe to identify these pain points and leverage this information to provide promotional products that are specific to your client’s big picture needs.The good news is that it all starts with two sources of insight that are already at your fingertips: the client’s Strategic Communications and Strategic Actions.

Strategy Planning

Strategic Communications are the messages and themes communicated through the client’s advertising and marketing collateral. Strategic Actions include anything done by the organization to enhance its ability to deliver more value to stakeholders, at less cost to the organization, relative to its competitors.

By observing these Communications and Action patterns, the savvy seller can infer the goals that are driving an organization in real time. For promo, a relatively small piece of the overall marketing mix, fitting into the big picture is crucial! A $200,000 apparel concept that clashes with a $10M rebrand is going to be dead in the water. Like the many layers of a matryoshka doll, underneath the organizational goals you will find the department goals, the client’s individual goals, and the specific project goals. Your promotional efforts should support the goals of an entire operation, not just a portion of it.

matryoshka-dollsAt RuMe PROMOsales, our team uses this research-driven approach to great effect. Strategic Actions can be identified by looking at the actions of the client, for example, is the client rolling out any new products? The Strategic Communications are easily found as well by looking over social media pages or reading an interview from the CEO to gain insight. With this information you can determine the specific and broad goals of the organization and then form a targeted promo campaign.

Tote and Social AppsLet’s say that after conducting research online you identify a client’s goal is to drive same store sales growth. One idea would be to offer a branded tote as a gift with purchase at the storefronts and then offer a discount to customers who return with their totes for more purchases. If you determine increasing social media engagement as the goal for your client, then the same personalized tote could be used as an incentive gift in a hashtag campaign to promote online interactions. To further strengthen the promotion, it should also integrate into the larger marketing campaign, made possible through technology such as RuMe Social Boost which combines social media campaigns with promotional products.

By integrating social into promo and vice versa, ROI on a client’s promo investment goes through the roof. Integrated promo products become incentives for social media activity, driving millions of impressions with precisely measured impact. Just by observing Strategic Communications and Strategic Actions, we can construct a promo concept that we know will win the day. Why?

  • By building our project around existing organizational and department goals, we avoid conflicting with big picture priorities.
  • By incorporating the ideas of our buyer, we are validating their ideas and complimenting them personally.
  • Most importantly, by taking a little extra time to do some thoughtful research on the Brand itself we’re creating positive differentiation vs. competitors.

View each project as an opportunity to further integrate with organizational goals—become part of the team by providing valuable solutions that inform larger goals as well as departmental ones. Rather than coming up with the ideas yourself, use this organization> department> individual> project thought process to drive a conversation with your client, be they marketing, procurement, or HR/Recruiting. That kind of conversation will differentiate you from other distributors as more thoughtful and intelligent. It will also engage your client in partnering with you as an important part of their organization’s big picture.

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