The Ultimate Tech Products for Frequent Travelers


Imagine this: You are on a 12-hour flight abroad and 3 hours in your phone goes dead causing the next 9 hours to be filled with restless boredom. Then, when you finally get to your destination and charge your phone, you attempt to capture the new city’s beauty through your phone’s camera…except, the photo doesn’t do the landscape justice and proves to not be Instagram worthy.

Although these are definitely first world problems, these small mishaps can make or break a trip. Things can easily go wrong while traveling and having the latest travel gadgets can make a world of difference. The right travel accessory can help simplify business trips or reduce vacation stress for frequent travelers. So with that in mind, I’ve hand-picked a few of my favorite giveaways to help your clients avoid travel hiccups and add a bit of fun- I promise your audience will thank you later!

4-in-1 Revolving Camera Lens

Last year, there were more than 1.2 trillion photos taken digitally and 85% were from smartphones! Who doesn’t love snapping a quick picture on their phone to capture a moment – especially when traveling and experiencing new things! That’s why this camera lens is the perfect smartphone accessory to transform your audience’s pictures from good to professional!

Camera Lens

Solar Portable Charger

This solar portable charger is perfect for those who love the great outdoors. Keep your phone fully charged while on a long hike or charge it up when you don’t have access to an outlet. Either way, this product ensures that your audience is always connected!

solar charger

Beagle: Bluetooth Tracker/Finder

Have you ever lost your keys, or left your briefcase somewhere? It’s not easy to track those items down- especially when visiting an unfamiliar place. Never lose anything again with the Beagle! Attach it to just about anything and if that item ever gets misplaced, find it easily though an app on your smartphone.

Key finder

Power Bank Padfolio

This power bank padfolio combines current technology with a classic business item. It is integrated with a 5,000 mAh bank and has a sleeve to keep your tablet, however it is also equipped with the classic notepad, pen holder, and more. Help your employees stay prepared and have all the business necessities in one!


Portable LCD Projector

Make sure your employees are always prepared on a business trip with this portable LCD projector! Small enough to fit in your hand, this projector is easy to travel with and transforms any space to an office-like setting for meetings and presentations.


These unique and convenient tech products are sure to make those travel days easier for your audience.  Check out this idea book here to brand any one of these items.

Jaclyn Maneri

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