The Rise of the Selfie

The selfie phenomenon has grown into one of the biggest digital trends of our time and is now an acknowledged word in the Oxford dictionary.


(Source: Oxford)

In short, selfies are everywhere. Just take a walk down the street and you will see people in action taking photos of themselves and/or their friends with their arm stretched out, striking poses for the camera. Try searching the hashtag “#selfie” on Instagram—you will get over 240 million matches! About half of all adults admit to taking selfies, though women take 1.3x more than men.

CNN has actually compiled a list of the most popular selfie locations in the world, including destinations such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Colloseum in Rome, and the Empire State Building in New York. Between October 2010 and January 2015, the Eiffel Tower emerged as the clear winner, generating more than 10,700 photos tagged with “#selfie”. (Source: CNN)

But it’s not just the subjects of the photos who enjoy these selfies – data shows that selfies get a lot of love from friends and followers.


(Source: Sword and the Script)

Some would argue that taking seflies is more than just a social trend, and even has a positive impact on the self-image of the photographer. In the Ideal to Real TODAY/AOL Body Image Survey, 65% of teens said seeing their selfies on social media actually boosts their confidence. And 40% of all teens say social media helps “me present my best face to the world.” (Source: Today)

Even celebrities have joined in on using selfies to make a positive statement about their image. In 2014 a successful “no-makeup selfie campaign” out of the UK made a splash on social media platforms, raising €8M in support of cancer research. Pop icons including Beyoncé and Rihanna have taken part in the trend, which has spread across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (Source: The Guardian)


Selfies are so popular noawadays, it’s no surprise that there is quite a range of unique products on the market to help people achieve the perfect selfie, such as “The Selfie Brush” (a phone case that doubles as a brush), a range of remote controls for your phone (that will help you snap a photo when your phone is out of reach), and even accessories that help support a phone so it can stay propped up on its own while using a remote to snap the photo. (Source:

selfiebrush wirelessremote

But it’s undeniable that one of the most popular accessories you are seeing out there is the selfie stick – a product that is gaining in popularity. While it may look a little silly to use, it’s a great way to capture a photo with a wider view of your background to share a special moment with your friends.

In November of last year, Time magazine proclaimed the selfie stick was one of the greatest inventions of 2014. It was the same month that a company called Selfie on a Stick — who distributes online and at select Nordstrom and Opening Ceremony stores — saw a 3,000 percent growth in sales in one month alone. They sold out of their Nordstrom stock three times last holiday season (Source: NY Post). Even just a simple search on Amazon will yield over 200 pages of results for selfie sticks, ranging in price from around $8 to $100. In fact, as of July last year, a special GoPro selfie stick was the 49th most popular item in Amazon’s camera store (Source: Business Insider).

Here are some of our favorites!

Bluetooth Selfie Stick
Selfie Stick with Snap Remote
Selfie Stick with Wireless Shutter Button

It would be remiss not to mention arguably the world’s most famous selfie — posted by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars! On Twitter alone, this tiny little photo was seen by 8.1 million people 26 million times, making it the most retweeted photograph ever (Source: Debaird). If only Bradley Cooper had a selfie stick. We would have seen more of Jared Leto.


(Source: The Ellen Show)

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