Creating Brand Love Moments: The New Boundless Branding

Boundless recently celebrated its 10th anniversary at our annual Founders’ Circle, which served as the internal unveiling of our new logo and visual identity. We are excited today to reveal this new branding publicly, and, as Director of Marketing, I wanted to share some background relating to why Boundless chose to go through a rebrand now, what you will see that is new, and what this means to our partners and customers.

A rebranding effort is never taken lightly. Often times, as is the case with us, the story of a brand and the way a company talks about itself evolves through selling, and conversations with customers and stakeholders over time. Audience and buyer lifecycle evolution impacts not only the way you do business and the product you provide, but also the way you are required to show up to express your value as a partner. The last decade has seen a lot of change―for Boundless, we have seen steady growth even in the tougher economic years, and we built a strong team of sales professionals who serve as creative and brand experts for our clients. We have also developed a technology solution to serve both the enterprise client and our sales professionals. Through this time, digital technology boomed, millennials became the face of the consumer, and, as a result, shopping behavior for both consumers and businesses have seen a dramatic shift.

Our CEO, sales professionals and leadership team have been talking about how these changes impact our industry for some time − specifically as technology innovation relates to promotional products. When I came on board in July last year, a large part of the marketing charter was to bridge all of these conversations in order for us to communicate who we are more succinctly, consistently and boldly. With this in mind as we reflected on our 10 years in business, it was natural to look back on where Boundless started, the journey that got us where we are now, and what is driving us forward. We started asking ourselves “Why do we do what we do?” and looking at that question through the lens of who we are serving―our clients. Our clients are using promotional products to connect with the people who matter most to them.

So, how do we help our clients make these connections happen? It all comes down to a moment―that instant when the right product finds the right person. Some people call it brand equity. We call it Brand Love. And, we are here to help enterprises create more Brand Love moments.

Brand Love is really what we have been about since the beginning. We felt it was so important that we took it a step beyond just evolving our messaging. We undertook a rebranding effort to bring the messaging to life―to convey this message through our name, logo, tagline, website, look and feel, and how we generally show up. We may not be able to illustrate Brand Love, but at a minimum we felt it was extremely important to express the sentiments associated through our logo application, and we chose our mark, use of our name and tagline very specifically to relay potential, sparking moments of connection, and boundless opportunity. We also wanted to stand out and differentiate ourselves from our competition through our overall presence. To show our customers that we want the same thing they want from their promotional investment, that there is power in promotional products, and that we are the right partner to help them with this critical component of their branding efforts. We know that online shopping is important, but we also know that the offline experience still matters, especially in our business. That’s why we have created technology solutions to automate and streamline the buying experience, and to connect buyers inside an organization – helping them leverage ideas and best practices. But, we know that the technology is only as good as the team of creative experts that work alongside our platform.

At Boundless, we come to work every day to help our clients make lasting connections with the people they care about. To unlock the creativity and collaboration in their organizations, and help them realize the potential in promotions.

While we may look and sound different, this won’t impact our client’s or partner’s day-to-day relationships with us. You will continue to experience the same awesome customer service you have come to expect. Over time, we will be bringing you more tools as we evolve Portal and custom features like Portal Store and GroupBuy™ to further enhance the online shopping experience. We will be doing more to share customer success stories, merchandise products, inform on the industry, and keep people apprised as our capabilities expand. So, we encourage you to keep checking our website, read our blog and subscribe to our emails.


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