The Importance of Highlighting Brands Through Smarter Packaging

It is no secret that in today’s world of promotional product marketing, the right packaging can truly help create a stronger presence for a brand looking to increase its ROI. Premium packaging can improve a brand’s perception—61% of online shoppers state it makes brands seem more upscale—and can also increase chances of repeat business, with 52% saying they are more likely to make repeat purchases if they receive products in premium packaging.*

Perception is everything – from the right logo, to catchy color schemes and quality materials – every detail must be considered to maximize any promotional product. However, for those of us who have been in the distribution game for quite some time, it’s important to recognize that there is so much more to take advantage of than ever before when it comes to packaging your product. With constantly evolving marketing models and better cost effective packaging options, companies have an opportunity to look at the promotional product world in a whole new way.

Drinkware with packagingWhen it comes to marketing, companies will spend a fortune on designing the appropriate packaging for their products and services, from graphic design, to copywriting and beyond. However, too often brands will miss out on maximizing the effectiveness of a promotional product campaign. While promotional products get the brand messaging across, so much more can be done, giving a far better ROI for the client. Utilizing the spectrum of packaging possibilities is a great way to enhance messaging. Companies can do this by including cross media campaigns, marketing themes and branding concepts at a very small, additional cost of 10%-15%. Any brand that is willing to go the distance and invest in quality promotional products should also take advantage of the opportunity to package these items in a way that reflects their core messaging and themes to create a serious impact.

An example of this is Wellington Luxury Hotels, a small chain of boutique hotels offering an exclusive, high-end experience. The company wanted a promotional water bottle guests could use throughout their stay. They created each bottle to serve as an environmentally conscious way to minimize the purchase and disposal of plastic bottles. We worked with them to make their branding go further. Using promotional packaging they were able to tell the history of the hotel chain, share a QR code and direct guests to the website to complete a short survey in exchange for a complimentary spa treatment. The hotel chain saw outstanding results with a 50% lift in social media engagement, growth of 250% in their email list and a 35% increase in return visits.

Drinkware with packaging

Having your company’s name on a hat, pen, or mug is only scratching the surface. Modernized packaging services can take this type of marketing to the next level by incorporating taglines, websites, and QR codes that tie into sweepstakes or contests. Having this method of call to action gives consumers a place to investigate a brand further and discover why it might be a good fit for their lifestyle. Essentially, promotional products can become extremely cheap, effective advertising materials. The versatility of these products allow them to be strategically tied into local, state or national campaigns, resulting in more visitors to the brand’s website, brick and mortar, and social media sites. Potential consumers may even start to give your clients their business simply in hopes of receiving these practical and “cool” promotional products.

Drinkware with packaging

Quality packaging for your promotional items can give them a sharp, modern look, with incredible graphic appeal, that will not only have consumers remembering your company’s name, they will use these items frequently, thereby infiltrating the consciousness of friends, family, and colleagues.

Let’s face it: packaging is all about making a statement. In the promotional product world, it’s about making sure that statement is remembered and even passed on. To step into the deep end of ROI – effective and fully integrated packaging must include going that extra distance by tying promotional items to branding, media campaigns and marketing tactics. Your client may have a solid business with great staff and a respected program – but are they doing everything they can to make a lasting impression? That could mean all the difference in the world, and it can start with you. Next time you think about just putting a bottle in a plastic sleeve and shipping it out, think about the opportunity at hand and how your brand could reach its maximum potential.

*Source: Dotcom Distribution 2013 and 2015 eCommerce Packaging Study


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