The Digital Revolution & How It Affects the Promotional World

According to eMarketer, adults are spending nearly six hours per day engaging in digital media. In 2014, 23% of American adults spent more time with mobile in an average day than they did the year prior. As of two years ago, Americans were predicted to spend more time using digital media than watching TV for the first time in history.


In a culture dominated by people attached to cell phones and other mobile devices, it’s important for brands to understand how to break through the noise and resonate with their target audience. An organization that is interested in staying relevant for their consumers may be asking themselves the following questions:

  • How can we use promotional items to drive digital marketing campaigns?
  • Is there any way to measure ROI from our promotional or print materials?
  • How can we leverage the increased use of mobile to optimize events and shows?
  • What’s the next generation for promotional and print items?

The answers to these questions are closer than you may think. The opportunities for leveraging digital media and technology are prevalent in today’s market, and can be integrated into many forms of promotional and print merchandise. Digital is vital real estate. How are you guaranteeing your brand is in your customers’ hand, regardless of where they are?


What is the digital promotional item?
This new genre of merchandise integrates technology into print materials or branded promotional items. Leveraging technology such as Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth, QR code, Augmented Reality, USB Drives and Mobile Charging Cables offer the ability for promotional items to drive directly to a digital experience. One of the more recently prevalent technologies, NFC, establishes radio communication between smart phones or mobile devices and any NFC-printed item by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters. A major benefit is that no wifi connection is required. Turn-key and programmed digital solutions such as these can be used to enrich various marketing opportunities like events, shows, packaging, sales enablement and field marketing efforts.

Why integrate digital into a promotional item?
Most companies are looking for ways to increase ROI, capture data, drive better user experiences, and set themselves apart. In today’s world, it’s vital for companies to leverage digital media to enhance the user experience and connectivity with the brand experience. The promotional or print piece is a perfect vehicle to deliver digital value.

Examples from Digitize Your Brand Clients
Now that we know what it is and why it’s important, let’s take a look at some real-world applications:

Dell BuzzCards: Dell understands that context is key. As one of the largest technology brands in the world, it’s important for Dell to create the best possible user experience. Dell’s software team was having difficulty providing targeted information to its business customers. Now, Dell uses interactive USB BuzzCards for shows, events and sales enablement. These USB cards plug into a computer and instantly drive users to the most relevant Dell software information packaged in a clean and easy-to-navigate custom landing page.


Coors Light NFC Badges: Coors Light executes a “drink responsibly” campaign at a range of sporting events throughout the year. However, the company was lacking a digital way to drive pledges and a method for tracking success. Coors Light decided to implement interactive adhesive NFC badges to solve this problem and enhance their initiative. When activated via NFC, representatives onsite can immediately capture the fan’s pledge to “refresh responsibly.” Leveraging this interactive promotional item not only was a unique giveaway the fans loved, but it also helped Coors Light digitize their efforts to raise awareness and commitment about drinking responsibly. In addition, the sticker glows in the dark, which caught people’s eye and sparked conversations around the program.


Samsung USB & NFC Promos: Samsung wanted to digitize their trade show booth so attendees could activate special content and social media experiences onsite. Leveraging USB and NFC technologies, Samsung created an interactive card that attendees activated as they entered the trade show booth. By tapping the card in different areas of the booth, information including collateral was sent to the attendee’s custom Samsung online profile page. As attendees exited the booth, they tapped into a Facebook post/share experience. The social share led to an online promotion for attendees who shared key Samsung data with their network. Post-event, all of the information collected on the attendee’s personal page was accessible via a USB that they could take home.


The next big thing is here. The ability to integrate digital into print and branded merchandise can drive any digital campaign and provide your company with the edge it needs to stand out. You can wait until “everyone is doing it,” or you can connect with a creative expert and learn how to digitize your brand today.



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