The Best Promo Products for Social Media Contests

At Boundless we are all about spreading those Brand Love moments.  You want your customer to have a memorable and engaging experience with your brand and be able to recall the experience months, and maybe even years down the road.  No other form of advertising accomplishes this as effectively as promotional products. While consumers often view advertisements as a nuisance, a promotional product, if sourced creatively can be a treasured gift.  By integrating a promotional product into your social media campaigns you can utilize the power of promotions while still having a presence in the digital sphere.


Running a contest on your social media channels is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote your brand, add contacts to your email list, and generate buzz about your company’s products and services.  Before you launch you should be sure you have a clear goal of what you want to accomplish and make sure the contest you are running is in line with these goals.  It is also important to incorporate an element of creative and make sure the giveaway prizes are exciting enough to motivate people to participate. Looking for a bit of inspiration?  These products make for great giveaways!

Tablets and Accessories
High-value giveaways are ideal for growing your subscriber list and driving traffic to your website.  Imagine how excited your followers will be when they find out you are giving away a brand new tablet as a contest prize?!  Although tablets and electronic giveaways are typically a bit pricey, having a high value item will generate more buzz and incentive to participate.  Depending on your goals it may be worth it to invest in a handful of branded tablets rather than hundreds of smaller giveaways.  If expensive electronics are out of your budget, tech accessories can be a good alternative.  A branded leather portfolio or a phone charger are great options to stay on budget.

Fitness Products
Like tech items, fitness giveaways are trendy and useful to people in all industries.  Whether you are a personal trainer, or an executive trying to inspire corporate wellness, choosing a product to further fitness goals shows that you care about your follower’s well-being.  A branded Fitbit is a great product to use in a social media campaign because it is high-value and a mix of tech and fitness.  Fitness bands support a healthy lifestyle and can be used by the wearer for months and maybe even years to come.  If you are working with a limited budget then water bottles, yoga mats, and gym bags also make great contest prizes, especially when kitted together.

Gourmet Food
Everyone likes food!  Next time you run a social media contest, treat the winner to a themed gift basket filled with brownies, a box of truffles, or a tower of gourmet goodies.  These baskets can be customized with your company name and logo to further your brand tie-in.  Several companies can even customize the candy with your logo or produce branded gift wrappers to help you increase brand awareness.

Branded Bags
Whether you own a small business or work for a Fortune 500 company, there are hundreds of ways to use branded bags as a part of a social media campaign.  A single tote bag can generate up to 5,772 impressions in its lifetime, making bags a great option to spread brand awareness.  If you run a social media contest, increase the value of each prize by packing items in a duffle bag or tote bag with your logo on it.  Branded tote bags are ideal for trade shows and special events, while briefcases and messenger bags are perfect for contests aimed at professionals.

Social media contests are an inexpensive way to encourage engagement and get people excited about your brand.  Although the incentive you offer is a critical part of the campaign, it is important to do your research.  When done correctly a contest could be the best tactic to grow your reach, drive website traffic and generate leads.  Social Media is here to stay and is a great tool to connect with your customers.  Why not integrate with the power of promotions for a powerful and lasting connection?


Check out this  idea book for exciting ideas to use in your next social media contest!

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