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Throughout the years, emerging tech items have set out to accomplish a common goal: to make people’s lives better.  Technology brings people together who are a world apart, and enables you to access information with the touch of a button.  Tech items in the promotional product industry are no different, in fact offering your customer a trendy tech product with your logo is one of the most effective ways to make a lasting impression.

If you are giving your customer tech gear in order to improve their lives, it is important that you know your audience and are able to identify their main pain points.  The most obvious one seen is the high demand on everyone’s time.  People have places to go, things to do, and challenges to conquer.  They need portable tech that can travel with them, no matter where the road leads.  Additionally, they need tech they can easily control—whether they’re across the room or across the world.  By recognizing these pain points and providing a branded tech piece in response, you can make your brand a part of someone’s story.

Within the past year alone we’ve seen a drastic increase in demand for less messy wires and more remote access and control.  As a result, we’re seeing the emergence of true wireless earbuds (a spin on your current corded earbuds).  Going wireless takes cords and tangles out of the equation, increases portability, and simplifies how a person listens to music or makes phone calls.  Cords and the problems that come with cords are a thing of the past.  These headphones are also great because they are compatible with the new iPhones and show that your brand is on top of the latest trends.

Wireless Earbuds

Speaking of trends- it seems that most tech trends tend to cater to the on-the-go consumer. To meet their demanding lifestyle we’re seeing the emergence of more app-enabled tech products that can be controlled through smart devices.  Items such as smart sockets that allow users to remotely control items through an app aim to make lives easier while providing simple control with a touch of a screen.  With cell phones being so prevalent, the next logical step is to integrate wearable tech into one convenient place.

Also in response to the on-the-go consumer, is the demand for tech items that can multi-task just as well as we all do.  For example, a Bluetooth speaker that can play music, be used to make conference calls, and charge your mobile phone or tablet can be used at home, in the office, or even while on vacation.  Technology that can move with us and connect with multiple facets of our daily lives are going to be the ones that are kept and utilized.  By recognizing pain points and adapting tech products to fit a busy, smart-phone enabled user, you can provide a branding piece that is both useful and memorable.

Tech products

Tech products are great giveaways no matter your industry, but one concern that comes up with tech gear is that products are constantly changing and pushing boundaries, so you worry that your product will be outdated within a few months.  But, in with the new does not necessarily mean out with the old.  There will always be a worry that anything new will make anything old obsolete.  And it’s true—but only to certain degree.  When new tech emerges it can provide the same functionality as an existing product, but oftentimes the only difference is with design or a few minor additional bells and whistles.

There will always be a rate of adoption that varies from person to person and generation to generation which can prolong or drastically shorten the life of an older product.  Oftentimes, there’s room for both in our lives simply due to different preferences, price points, and needs.  Will true wireless earbuds make the corded earbuds obsolete?  Perhaps one day, but not for a very long time.  Corded earbuds are still a huge seller and appreciated gift for now and into the foreseeable future.

No product demonstrates the evolution of tech quite like the iPhone, and 2017 marks it’s 10th anniversary.  Once used to just make calls and listen to stored music, it can now pay for our groceries with a fingerprint, launch hundreds of apps to create masterpieces, and put two people in the same room even when they’re thousands of miles apart.  Tech items are popular for a reason: they improve people’s lives by making things easier.

The promotional product industry will always endeavor to keep pace with the retail space—what’s in style, what colors are being used, the latest designs, and so on.  Items being purchased in-stores are the same tech items that can be used as branded merchandise that come with a higher perceived value, a much longer-than-average shelf life, and definitely something to set brands apart.  No matter your industry, your consumer will appreciate tech gear.  Contact your sales rep to stay up to date on the latest trends and get personalized tech ideas for your brand!

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