Stop Looking for the Unicorn—There’s No Such Thing As An Expert In Everything

Have you ever been to a restaurant with a menu that reads like a book, with cuisines that run the gamut from Chinese to Italian? It’s so hard to decide what to order! And chances are, what you do choose will be mediocre—there’s no way they are good at everything! And when I go to my favorite fried chicken joint, I don’t want pizza. They specialize in chicken—that’s why I go there. I wouldn’t expect them to offer something they haven’t spent time and resources perfecting.


We are going to let you in on something: the concept of a single establishment that successfully specializes in everything is akin to the notion of your second grade best friend having unicorns in their backyard. It just doesn’t exist.

As humans, we all have our specialties. We’re all really great at some things, average at many things, and not very good at a few things. When we need assistance with something that we don’t do well on our own, we tap into our resources—another friend, a colleague, or even a hired service. So why would we expect our vendor partners to be any different?


Boundless specializes in branded merchandise and apparel programs, creative product sourcing, and innovative technology solutions that bring together an organization’s ideas and track all of their projects so that they can optimize their promotional marketing strategy. But we don’t sew the apparel we sell, or store the inventory we manage. Why would we? That’s not what we are here to do. We are here to bring it all together for our clients.

Instead of trying to figure out how to be everything to everyone, we focus on building great relationships with incredible partners who are experts in their specialties. After all, we’re only as good as the people we surround ourselves with.


Are you looking for quality print materials? We have great partners for that—whether offset or digital, whatever serves our clients’ needs and price points. Want an exceptional employee incentive program? We’ve got amazing partners for that, too—from unique awards to high-end executive gifts. Need top-notch fulfillment and warehouse facilities? Our partners will store, assemble, and ship inventory to get you what you need, on time. If Boundless decided to offer fulfillment services, we would be allocating resources outside of our specialties, and we would have to work even harder at offering a service that our partners have already mastered. Instead, we spend time and resources to source the best partners for each specialty. Tapping into the expertise of our partners, in turn, makes us the strongest ally for our clients. Then we bring it all together in one revolutionary social e-commerce platform so our clients can access what they need, when they need it, all from a single solution.

And that is the key to it all: a single DESTINATION for ACCESS to everything. We built something that acts as this single point of access. It’s called Portal.


We won’t claim to be experts in everything. We’re no unicorn in the backyard. What we promise to be is a dedicated partner, to leverage our resources to design the best overall solution to meet your needs, to harness the knowledge of our peers across all the various specialties, and to make it all available to you in one unified hub. That’s the Boundless way.

So although “a single destination for access to everything you need” sounds a lot less pretty than a unicorn, it is the real key to solving business challenges and meeting organizational needs.


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