This Season’s 5 Most Buzzworthy (and Budget-Friendly) Event Giveaways

Your company is attending an event, let’s say it is a trade show, a convention, or maybe even a large festival like SXSW. You want to stand out and attract visitors to engage with your brand, but so does everyone else who paid to be there. So how do you differentiate?  And more importantly, how do you make yourself memorable days, months, and even years after the event has ended? Enter promotional products.

With an 89% brand recall rate, there is no denying the power of promotions.  No other form of advertising is as cost-effective and engaging as a branded giveaway.  Did you know that the average cost per impression for a promotional product is less than one cent!? When you give away a branded product at an event, you are also reaching everyone who comes in contact with that product, making products like bags and shirts essentially a walking billboard for your brand.

The best part is, promotions don’t have to be expensive.  By choosing a relevant and creative product, you can make an impression without going over your budget.  And with that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 5 buzzworthy (and budget-friendly) products that are practically guaranteed to have customers lining up at your booth.

Fidget Spinners

fidget spinners

Starting at $1.99

Spinners are arguably the hottest product of the summer, and their ability to generate buzz around your brand is undeniable. In the retail space, the fidget spinner continues to be a top seller on Amazon and has seen widespread popularity across all ages and industries. So, what makes this item so attractive for your brand? This product is highly engaging, buzzworthy, and available at a price that fits into any marketing budget. Whether used as a conversation starter at an event or just as a fun product to keep hands occupied during a brainstorm, they are sure to put a fresh spin on your promotional marketing efforts!

Moleskine Pocket Notebooks

Moleskine Journals

Starting at $4.31

Moleskine hails from the retail world and is one of the most recognizable journal brands out there.  And while there are more inexpensive journal options, the pocket sized Moleskine is a perfect way to give a retail product out without breaking your budget. For an added bonus, keep stamps, sharpies, and stickers at your booth and let customers customize their own journals for a memorable experience with your brand.



Starting at $1.16

Everyone has AT LEAST one Sharpie in their home. They are reliable, useful and a staple… and the only thing that makes Sharpies better are when they are free! This inexpensive promotion, when paired with your logo, will have people lining up at your booth.  You can offer a bunch of colors so event attendees can pick their favorite for an even more memorable giveaway. These permanent markers will leave a permanent and lasting impression with your customer… guaranteed!



Starting at $13.33

Although the priciest product on this list, the aptly named “Calamari” puts a creative spin on the ever appreciated charging cord giveaway. This one-size-fits-all connector cord comes with an Apple-certified MFI Lightning tip, and also includes the new USB-C tip. Your tech-enabled audience can rest easy knowing they can charge all of their essential devices without having to carry around multiple cords.



Starting at $4.69

On average, people in the United States across all age groups check their phones 46 times per day!  By giving a phone accessory away, you are forming a major brand connection and are going to make some serious impressions. Popsockets are extremely popular in the retail world and are a trending product that isn’t going away anytime soon. This product acts as a media stand, helps you get a good grip while texting, and also is popular due to the full-color decorative capabilities. Isn’t it time to make your brand pop?

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