Retail-Inspired Drinkware Perfect for Summer!


Trendy drinkware has moved way beyond just being useful and has become a must-have summer accessory along with totes and sunglasses.  Retail hubs like Nordstroms and Whole Foods certainly agree, and even smaller boutiques often carry high-end drinkware products to accompany fashionable athluxe outfits.  And it turns out customers are willing to shell out a lot of money for the perfect water bottle.

So, what’s with all the buzz?  Drinkware is trending as a hot accessory this summer for a number of reasons.  First, the emphasis we place on health and wellness is a trend that isn’t going away, and a big part of that is drinking lots of water.  In fact, it is recommended that you drink at least half a gallon of water a day!  Giving a trendy branded water bottle to your customers is a great way to help them reach their hydration goals.

Another trend propelling the sale of water bottles is an increased awareness of environmental issues.  Considering that a single plastic water bottle can take anywhere from 400-1,000 years to disintegrate in a landfill, it definitely makes sense why durable water bottles are growing in popularity.

So now that you know a bit on why water bottles are hot this summer, let’s talk trends.  Whether you want to give away a branded drinkware piece that can be used in the woods, or at a yoga studio, there are tons of great options. After studying retail trends, I want to point you to 2 styles that are flying off the shelves:  stainless steel and glass.

Trend #1: Double-Walled & Stainless Steel

While YETI can be credited with spearheading the popularity of the stainless steel tumbler, there are certainly many great brands and products that have carried on the legacy.  Not only are stainless steel bottles sleek, but their ability to keep drinks cold or hot for hours is incredible.  By using a variety of methods (vacuum sealing, copper insulation, etc.) these drinkware pieces give you great performance without having to sacrifice looks.

Although the tumbler still reigns supreme, double-walled technology has been infused in other drinkware styles such as mugs, growlers, and highballs.  See some of our favorite styles in the collection here!

**BONUS: look for mixed materials (think cork, wood and marble) and metallics (gold, rose gold, silver) to take this trend to the next level!

Trend #2: Glass

There is no denying that glass drinkware is just, well… pretty!  There are tons of glass water bottles available that look strait from the retail sector, and your customers are going to want to keep them for months or even years down the road.  You may be thinking that glass is known to be breakable, but don’t worry!  These drinkware pieces are made with very thick glass and are often protected with silicon accents and sleeves.  The addition of silicon also gives your brand an opportunity to PMS color match or add a pop of color for a fun summer vibe.

Along with the retail look, these bottles have a decent weight to them which helps convey a high-perceived value that elevates this trend over other water bottle options.  See the whole collection here >

Drinkware is a summer essential, and lucky for you there are tons of great products with a retail look and feel at a price range for any budget.  Contact us today to start brainstorming ideas, and check out our full summer drinkware collection here!

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