Time to Upgrade Your Branding?

classic or upgrade?

Some classics will never go out of style… but at the same time it is important to keep your branding efforts on trend and up to date.  Who says you can’t do both?  We breakdown classic promotional products and show you some upgrades in this week’s blog!

The Rubix cube, which came out in the early 70’s, is still wildly popular, and classic foods like the cheeseburger and hot dog will continue to be American staples.  In apparel, jeans reign supreme and you can bet that the little black dress isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  Just like in retail the same rings true in the promotional products industry.  There are always going to be those go-to classic giveaways that you can count on to meet your marketing goals.  The classic branded t-shirt earns an average of 2,450 impressions in it’s lifetime, while the ever popular tote giveaway can earn nearly 6k!

And while these tried and true products will always be  effective, maybe it’s time for an upgrade?  Whether that is added product features or trendy embellishments, it’s important to keep up with what’s new and trending to keep your brand top of mind with consumers.

There is nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, but for those who are looking for an upgrade we’ve got some great picks. We’ve handpicked top sellers and their upgraded counterparts for your brand, so whether you are looking for a classic or looking for something entirely new, we’ve got your back.  See our picks below!


Why it’s a classic:

A tote is one of the most well-received promotional products for several reasons, the main one being that totes are just so useful!  Bag bans have become more commonplace and many grocerers are encouraging shoppers to bring their own bags.  A branded tote can quickly become a favorite with environmentally conscious consumers who want to cut back on plastic.  Additionally, tote giveaways at events are super useful to put other competitors giveaways in (so their logo is tucked away while yours is front and center).  Branded totes and bags truly are a powerful marketing tool.

Ready for an upgrade?

Try the tote pack!  This bag is a tote and backpack all in one and has upgraded features like a padded laptop sleeve, pockets, and a water bottle holder you won’t find in a standard tote.  The straps are adjustable and padded for comfort and the tote comes in a trendy heathered grey fabric.


koozie upgrade

Why it’s a classic:

Similar to totes, koozies are great giveaways because they are very useful and they prominently display your brand. They both keep your drink cool and also keep the users hands warm by preventing direct contactt with a cold beverage.  Koozies are also synonymous with fun and are traditionally used at outdoor events during warm months, making them them perfect summer giveaway.

Ready for an upgrade?

Try the stainless steel cooler!  The brand YETI has made double-walled stainless steel containers THE go to to keep beverages insulated.  This concept when mixed with a koozie makes for a wildly popular giveaway.  Not only does this koozie keep your drinks cool, but you can expand your marketing campaigns into winter months because the insulation technology also keeps hot beverages warm.  And if that wasn’t enough, this koozie alternative can fit both a can OR a bottle.  Talk about an upgrade!


journal upgrade

Why it’s a classic:

Despite being in the digital age, journals are thriving.  In fact, tech companies are actually the number one buyer of branded journals.  The reason?  It is still commonplace to take notes during meetings on a journal vs. a laptop because they tend to be less disruptive.  On top of that, studies have shown that notes taken on a journal tend to be better recalled than those typed on a laptop.  Even in the digital age, journals have remained a classic.

Ready for an upgrade?

Try the powerbank padfolio!  This product is a two-tone heather gray linen portfolio with a built-in 4000 mAh rechargeable powerbank.  It includes exterior pockets, an interior tech/organization panel, and a 50 sheet lined spiral bound notebook.  So whether your customer is tech-savvy, or traditional, this product meets all their needs. And to top it off, it comes packaged in matte black gift box.

These are just a few examples of classics getting a modern makeover, but were brimming with ideas on how to upgrade your brand.  See more here, or contact us for ideas!

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