How Purchase Habits Drive Change

In honor of Earth Day coming up, we are thrilled to feature a guest blog contribution from Summer Barry of Bella + Canvas.  See why “going green” isn’t just a trend and how companies are adapting to meet these growing customer expectations.

Today, more than any other time in history, people are realizing the importance of stepping up and doing their part in negating the impact of pollution on our planet.  While no one person or company can do it alone, together, it’s completely possible to make a difference. Companies can do so by finding ways to reduce waste, relying on alternative energy sources, reducing their carbon emissions, and avoiding the use of earth-damaging ingredients in their products.  Customers can also do their part by making a conscious effort to align themselves with brands and companies who’ve made moves in this direction.  And when it comes to advertising and branding, sourcing eco-friendly promotional products and putting your logo on responsible and green products is essential.  When it comes to going green, you have to walk the walk in all aspects of your business.

Live GreenIn the past, purchasing decisions have been dependent upon price, trend, and availability—but now more and more consumers are largely motivated by ethical standards that brands uphold.  These days, consumers are seeking out products that have been made with the environment in mind, and they expect the same from their branded merchandise as well.  Brands that can achieve this will stand out among the rest and as a result, thrive.  Promotional products that are USA made, have organic fabric, and are made from recycled materials will make a big impression with millennial customers. Even large retail brands like Nike, Target, and H&M are introducing organic cotton to their lines, while also creating opportunities for customers to participate in their green efforts.  The “going green” motto is no longer just a trend, but a way of life.

At BELLA+CANVAS, we’ve been preaching this message for a long time.  In the early stages of our business, we overhauled every step of the production process to make sure it was as efficient and green as possible.  Our Los Angeles sewing floor is solar powered and creates almost no landfill.  Everything we can’t turn into a tee is either recycled or repurposed.  Thanks to our super-innovative solar panels, the L.A. sunshine generates almost all of the electricity needed to run our facilities.  We set the bar high on this one because we plan on making tees pretty much forever, so we stay proactive and forward-thinking about our manufacturing.  We wanted to provide clothing for the eco-friendly brands to align with, because it is a cause we believe in.  The more companies that purchase green promotional products, the more the suppliers will change to meet demand.  Because at the end of the day it is purchasing habits of individuals and companies that will drive change.

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Doing things differently and implementing green business initiatives shows that your brand is about so much more than profitability.  It shows that you care about doing the right thing—and buyers will seek you out because of it.  Along with being thoughtful about the products you are putting your brand on, you can also find ways to educate fans of your brand with the causes you believe in.  Take a stand and walk the walk.  So join us in influencing change—one purchase decision at a time.

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