From Puppy Love to #BrandLove: Custom Pet Promo Ideas

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There is no denying the intense love affair Americans have with their pets.  Pet products and toys represent a $14.93 billion dollar industry, meaning that not only do we love our pets, but we also love spoiling them too.

Many people affectionately refer to their pets as “furbabies”, and the emotional spending on pets is made apparent by the huge range of products that are available on the market.  In the retail space, you can buy anything from a pet high chair to cat wine so you never have to drink alone again!  Cat cafés have sprung up around the country, and many local restaurants offer their customers free dog treats to take home to their furry friends.  Pets are a huge part of our lives, and people from all walks of life are opening up their homes and their hearts and including pets as part of their families.

When it comes to promotional merchandising, pet products are a unique and fun way to make an impression.  When we pitched PrideBites on Shark Tank, we believed in our company because we knew that at the heart of our products was the emotional connection people have with their pets.  This is why we do what we do. And we knew that the potential for completely customized pet products in the promotional space could have a huge impact on the way companies advertise.  Companies don’t have to be in the pet industry to utilize these products, in fact, we’ve seen food and beverage, nonprofit, and hospitality clients, in particular, go crazy for these promotions.

Pride Bites

Whether you want to give out custom collars at an event, or add a completely customized squeaky toy to your merchandise programs, there are options for everyone in almost any industry.  Check out these creative examples to get your gears turning for your next promotion:

So, why should you be interested in custom pet products?

Showcase your brand: Creating branded products for your fans, clients, and customers will increase awareness, retention, and loyalty.

Stand out in retail: Designing exclusive pet products for your customers will set you apart from the competition. From geographical landmarks, local favorites and trends, anything is possible!

Promote your service: Having branded merchandise is a great way to connect with your customers. They’re great for incentive/loyalty programs, holiday gifts, event giveaways, and more!

Stand out at events: Our custom pet products make every event one-of-a-kind! Create awesome branded merchandise for gift bags, giveaways, fundraising, and more.

When it comes to pets, we are talking about family.  Even if your giveaway ends up in the hands of someone who doesn’t own a pet, they are sure to pass along to a pet-owner friend.  Whether you want to promote your business as being pet-friendly or reach a pet-loving target market, there are custom options perfect for your needs.  Contact your Boundless sales rep today to start brainstorming!

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