Puppies, Monkeys, Babies, and Spreading Brand Love

By now, I’m guessing you’ve had the opportunity to see one of the most strangely cute(?) ads of the Super Bowl this year―“Puppy Monkey Baby.” If not, you probably should check it out, at least see what other people are talking about:


Some may disagree with Mountain Dew’s attempt to combine all-things-cute that, in effect, created something that we can only call “weird,” but you know what? It worked. Everyone is talking about it. And chances are their target audience ate it up.

Even if done poorly, the truth still remains: incorporating puppies, monkeys, and babies into marketing campaigns are great ways to reach people’s hearts. The reason why is pretty obvious. Each of these precious beings tug on our heartstrings in a way nothing else can—we feel a natural inclination to love them. They give us the “warm fuzzies.” They create moments of “Brand Love.”

Brand Love is a term we use quite often at Boundless, so I want to take a moment to define what it means. Other companies may call the same sentiment “brand equity.” To us, Brand Love refers to creating moments of connection between a brand and a person. Brand Love is a product of experiences that spark meaningful relationships. The best way to create these moments is to understand your audience and exactly what speaks to them so you can serve up something that will strike a chord. Like Mountain Dew did.

For the folks here at Boundless, creating Brand Love is part of the job description. Recently, a Boundless creative expert out of California partnered with Cedars-Sinai Hospital, a sponsor of the Los Angeles Dodgers, to create a tremendous amount of Brand Love among Dodgers fans. The task was to produce a branded promotion to distribute at Dodgers games to spark lots of engagement and chatter around it on social media. Well they hit the jackpot with—you guessed it—pictures of babies.


Unsurprisingly, fans just couldn’t resist taking photos of their adorable babies donning 100% cotton USA-made little baby beanies—which included the Cedars-Sinai and LA Dodgers logos. Along with a branded sippy cup, the promotion ended up garnering over 6,000 uses of the hashtag on Instagram alone, driven by fans excited to show off their swag.

Why did it work? Well, you could argue that there are a few reasons. First, the products were good quality and people wanted to use them. Second, the hashtag was well communicated through Dodger games and people wanted to join the conversation online. But you just can’t ignore the cute factor. We call this a perfect example of creating Brand Love!

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