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This week the Boundless team attended bbcon, the largest nonprofit conference of the year. Hosted in Austin this year, bbcon is organized by Blackbaud, the biggest software provider in the nonprofit sector. Virtually every major nonprofit is a Blackbaud customer and in attendance here this week to learn about how Blackbaud technology can empower nonprofits to make a greater impact. Since the nonprofit sector is an increasingly relevant market for Boundless, we are excited to be exhibiting at the conference this year. For us, it is a great opportunity to showcase how Boundless can help nonprofits leverage promotional products to spark moments of connection with the people they care about most—driving lasting relationships.

Pictured from left to right: Scott Stewart, myself, and Kim Esson at our bbcon booth
Pictured from left to right: Scott Stewart, myself, and Kim Esson at our bbcon booth

I am accompanied at bbcon by some of our fantastic account managers: Kathy Kempff, Kim Esson, and Scott Stewart, as well as partners from the team at Goodthreads, another member of the Zazzle family of companies. Goodthreads’ specialized promotional platform is tailored for nonprofits and allows event participants to easily personalize merchandise for their team.

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We had a great experience talking to representatives from nonprofits who all face similar challenges: they need a solution that helps them engage with their stakeholders and donors, as well as ensure they are leveraging the most efficient solutions possible. It is both exciting and rewarding to help people doing good do more of it!

The nonprofit sector has been an area of focus and innovation for us ever since one of our talented account executives, Haven Bey, introduced us to the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) in 2010. Haven was able to help CCS align teams across all of their provinces to buy promotional products together using GroupBuy™. GroupBuy is Boundless’ patented technology that helps clients save time and money, align their brand, and tap into the entire organization’s buying power.


Large nonprofits tend to have numerous offices and events that require similar merchandise, so managing promotional spend and brand consistency is often a challenge. Since many nonprofits use promotional products as incentives to drive fundraising, it is also closely tied to revenue generation for them. This makes it even more important to get both the incentives as well as the price point right. In addition, since resources are limited, it is crucial to create a streamlined purchasing process to save overworked volunteers and employees time and effort. The GroupBuy technology automatically aggregates individual orders across locations and departments to streamline the order process and get lower prices on branded products. The more buyers who join in on the GroupBuy, the more everyone will save. Plus, aggregating orders helps maintain brand consistency and promotes brand integrity by aligning all buyers on the same order.

Here is a sample of what a GroupBuy order would look like to a buyer:


We’ve come a long way since the first GroupBuy with CCS in 2010, and today we have many nonprofit clients, including American Heart Association and Susan G. Komen. We’ve been able to help these clients and other nonprofits further their cause―not only by saving them money, but also by creating more impactful incentives and promotions to help raise awareness and drive action. We look forward to driving success with more nonprofits and we were honored to be a part of this year’s bbcon!

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