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It’s true.  Your Gen Z and Millennial customers are tired of throwaway swag and impractical gadgets.  They want cool, useful products that tell a story, improve the world, and stand apart from the crowd.  Social impact items enhance brand awareness, boost employee engagement and help make a positive impact on society.

Here at HHP we’ve embraced the Gen Z and Millennial mindset.  We’re a Chicago-based non-profit supplier that was founded on the idea that doing good is good for the world; which in turn is also just good business.  When companies choose ethically sourced promotional products, they’re showing their clear commitment to social responsibility.  And increasingly to customers social responsibility matters.

HHP President, Dena Hirschberg, recognized that many companies who are spending millions establishing and maintaining their reputations as good corporate citizens don’t realize they could be sourcing socially responsible promotional products.  This category is a huge opportunity with companies with CSR programs to demonstrate their commitment to the cause.  She hopes to change all that with the HHP collection of GOODS THAT DO GOOD™!

As a non-profit organization, our mission is to create jobs and sustainable livelihoods for people with barriers to employment.  Around the world, countless individuals struggle to achieve even the most basic of human needs.  HHP artisans range from people in impoverished countries to homeless veterans in Chicago.  Some are adults with developmental and physical disabilities; and some, too many, are faced with opportunity barriers here and abroad.  Along with providing job opportunities to the under-served, profits from the sale of these products goes towards social programs to help lift communities.

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So, what makes HHP products different from other branded merchandise?  We’re proud to have woven together a great cause with beautiful, handcrafted products that are unique from anything else on the market.  Our collection of products are all ethically sourced and responsibly made from unique materials.  Many are eco-friendly; all are socially sustainable.  Our line includes beautiful, high-end bags, tech cases, spa goods, jewelry, home goods and even food that also provides the artisans who created them with critically needed support.

When you position your commitment to social responsibility as a fundamental value of your organization, it should be reinforced in every area of your company culture.  So when your company shines because of all of the good you’re doing, people want to do business with you.  And giving away cool, socially responsible swag doesn’t hurt, either.

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