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Branded office accessories are a great way to help your target audience stay organized and de-stress in their workplace while providing some serious exposure to your brand and services.  Not only that, since office accessories are super useful these products have staying power and will be kept and used for months or even years down the road!

Did you know that 90% of workers believe clutter and disorganization negatively impact their work performance?  Or that the average American will spend one year in their lifetime searching through desk clutter looking for misplaced objects? (Simply Productive) Branded products like cord organizers, desk planners and even relaxing products such as essential oils and yoga accessories are able to further your brand while helping to increase happiness and efficiencies in the workspace.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of office essentials to promote your brand and productivity!

Marble Journal,  Desk SetPlant Cover

Having an organized and clean workspace leads to an increase in happiness and productivity.  In fact, even a small addition of a desk plant can increase productivity by up to 15%! (Wired) Great desk accessories include products like journals, calendars, a desk caddy, pens and more.  The trick here is to give away something with high utility.  And it doesn’t hurt to infuse your giveaways with retail trends like a marble pattern or metallic embellishments.

Stay Connected
Folding Wireless KeyboardCharging Hub,  Noise Reducing Headphones

A big part of increasing productivity is keeping your target audience connected.  Whether they are traveling or working from a coffee shop, products like headphones and power banks enable them to stay online and powered up.  And if that wasn’t enough, tech gifts have a high-perceived value and are kept longer than many other product categories.  Giving away a tech gift is a no brainier and will give your valued customers and employees warm fuzzy feelings towards your brand every time they use them.

Light BoxColoring PlannerExercise Mat

According to Fast Company, employees who are relaxed and happy are 12% more productive!  You can use branded relaxation products such as essential oils, adult coloring planners, stress balls and more to help your employees and customers unwind in their workplace.  As our society continues to place an emphasis on health and wellness, these types of products will only continue to grow in popularity.  Wellness products help you connect with your target audience on a deeper level because you are showing that you understand and care about their physical and mental health.

Office essentials are buzz-worthy and popular and are great giveaways no matter your industry.  See our full collection here or contact us to start brainstorming your next productivity promotion campaign!

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