Top New Year’s Resolutions (and Products to Help You Keep Them!)

With a new year comes a fresh start, and according to the Washington Post, more than 40% of Americans are expected to set New Year’s resolutions this year.  Chances are your employees, customers and clients are part of the huge group of people aiming to better themselves in the New Year.  And while setting resolutions can be easy, sticking to them long-term can be a challenge.  With that in mind, we’ve broken down the most common New Year’s resolutions and provided  products that can help your audience keep them!  These branded products are a great way to make an impression with your goal-oriented target market.

Resolution #1: Get Healthy

It’s no surprise this one consistently tops the list as the #1 New Year’s resolution.  Eating healthy, working out, getting more sleep, and drinking more water are key elements in achieving this goal, and there are tons of  promo products that can help your audience keep this resolution.

Get Healthy

  1. Unicorn Stainless Steel Water Bottle: This double-walled bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot for 12!  What a magical way to stay hydrated in the new year.
  2. Amplify Melange Fleece Sweater (M/W): Help your customers and employees stay warm during their winter workouts with this moisture-wicking, performance jacket.
  3. State Shaped Cutting Board: Give the gift of state pride to your audience as they meal prep!
  4. Fitness Bracelet: Help your audience stay on track to meet their goals with this sleep and fitness tracker.

Resolution #2: Be Happy

Finding ways to de-stress and be happy is the key to being successful, which is why having a positive mental attitude is a popular goal for your audience.  By giving a branded wellness product, you can connect with your audience by showing that you care about their happiness and well-being.  Here are some newly released picks that will do the trick!

Mental health

  1. Asana Yoga Mat and Bag: Breath in, breath out.  Yoga is a great way for your customers to focus and mentally reset in the New Year.
  2. Essential Oil Room Spray: Bring peace and tranquility to any room with this wellness essential.
  3. Adult Doodle and Coloring Book: This gift gives your audience a place to write down their thoughts and express creativity.
  4. Pressure Point Massage Set: Relieve stress by working out tight muscles with this massage set.

Resolution #3: Get Organized

According to List25, an average office employee spends over an hour a day looking for things, so better organization can help your audience save time to be more productive.  Here are some picks to help your audience start and keep this popular resolution all year long.

Get Organized

  1. Desk Caddy Kit: This kit comes in vibrant colors and includes a pen cup, stapler, tape dispenser, and memo holder.
  2. SNAP-IN™ XL Cord Organizer: Make the year tangle free with this branding piece!
  3. Full-Color Zip Pouch: Pouches are a great way to stay organized in the home and office.
  4. Tri-Fold Stationery Gift Set: Includes multiple rulers, pencils, sticky flags and notes, pencil sharpener, and a notebook!

Resolution #4: Travel More

Whether flying to the other side of the world or exploring your own city, this goal can be doable with the help of some nifty and new travel accessories.  Make your brand a part of the adventure with these awesome travel must-haves.


  1. Crazy Long Charging Cable: Eliminate charging woes for your traveling audience with this 6′ USB extension cable.
  2. 3 Piece Travel Set: RFID is a must for traveling, protect your audience from theft with this passport holder, luggage tag, and cardholder combo.
  3. ASOBU Coldbrew Insulated Portable Brewer: Perfect for anyone on the go, this product is a fan favorite.
  4. Nomad Duffle: Perfect for a weekend getaway, make your brand a part of your customers travels with this trendy bag.

So there you have it!  By supporting the goals of your target market you are going to be able to make an impression that will last well beyond the New Year.  Good luck everyone on your resolutions, and cheers to 2019!

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