Let’s Take This Outside: Outdoor Accessories for Everyone

When you describe someone as being an outdoor enthusiast, images of backpacking in the wilderness and camping excursions probably come to mind. But really, if you enjoy hanging by the pool or even just hosting your own backyard BBQ you are considered to be an outdoor consumer. In fact, 3 out of 5 consumers in the US are classified as being outdoorsy, which means that no matter what industry your company is in, your customers and employees are part of the millions of Americans who enjoy the outdoors and own outdoor accessories.

So what does this trend mean for you as a marketer?

It means that you can give outdoor branded products to share in this lifestyle and form a connection with your shareholders. Whether that is in the form of an appreciation gift to an employee, or  as an event giveaway, outdoor accessories have mass appeal. Here are the 3 types of outdoor consumers to keep in mind:


Likes easy adventures in the backyard or local park and enjoys spending time outside when the experience is accompanied with modern-day conveniences. Would consider “glamping” by staying in a RV or cabin.

Products they like: Drinkware, card games, fanny packs, picnic blankets, collapsible stools, caps, and more!


These are moderate adventurers who enjoy day hikes and non- primitive tent camping. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy stepping away from modern technologies and enjoying nature.

Products they like: Cooling towels, drybags, first aid kits, sunscreen and insect repellent sprays, backpacks, drinkware and more!


These are your hard core overnight adventurers. This group wants to really “get lost” in the outdoors & become one with nature. Adventure extremists also sincerely care about sustainability and the  environment.

Products they like: COB lanterns and headlamps, first aid kits, hand warmers, boonie caps, paracord bracelets, multi tools, inflatable pillows and more!

So, whether your audience is an urban explorer, or an adventure extremist, there are awesome outdoor accessories to meet their needs. As cooler weather approaches it is the perfect time to gift this popular collection. Reach out to your sales rep to learn more!

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