Kitting Promotions: How to Get More Bang for Your Buck

Everyone wants to make the biggest impact possible, whatever the budget may be. Want to up the wow factor in your next promotion without breaking the bank? An easy way to get the biggest bang for your buck and make a lasting impression is to kit creative items together! Kitting is the process of packaging separate, but related items together as one unit. For instance, instead of spending $10 on one item for an event, take a look at several lower price-point items that can be gifted together in a cohesive way. Being a little creative and kitting items together not only adds perceived value, it also is an additional way to customize your giveaway and display your logo on multiple items.

Kitting can be used for all types of promotions. If you’re planning an event and working with several sponsors, kitting can be a great solution to differentiate levels of sponsorship. Price levels can be created via item value or imprint size. Depending on the sponsor’s contribution, they can choose to have their logo printed on an item that offers a larger imprint area or one that has a higher perceived value.

5K Kit

A great example of this would be a Swag Bag for a 5k Run. You can easily roll up a cinch bag or t-shirt and insert it in a water bottle along with a pair of sunglasses. Kitting the items like this provides a higher perceived value and makes the recipient feel like they are receiving more of a substantial gift. Your logo will go even further if the recipient decides to share their swag with friends!

Travel KitWhether your event is for education, outdoors, or travel, kitting is great for every category. According to Distributor Central, the top five categories browsed in June were all related to travel. Knowing this, creating a kit of trendy new items can make a huge difference in your promotions. Make a conference trip more memorable by providing a Travel Kit in each hotel room. Simply combine a Luggage Tag, Power Bank, and Adapter (if traveling overseas) in a Travel Case. By kitting these items together the perceived value is so much higher than what any of these products alone could have achieved.

Fitness KitSo you are now sold on the idea of kitting for your next promotion, but maybe you aren’t sure where to start? Not a problem! Since kitting has become a popular option for clients in industries across the board, you are able to choose from pre-kitted items and themes to help you make your decision easier. This Exercise Kit is a great example and features a Stretch Band and Tissues that come inserted into a 30 oz. Water Bottle. Kitting similar items together in a consistent theme is a great way to add value and seem thoughtful in your marketing approach. This kit, for example, is the perfect promotion for your fitness conscious buyers.

From Tech Kits to Candy-filled Tumblers, with kitting all you have to do is unpack the box and your promotion is ready to go. This strategy increases perceived value, provides additional exposure for your logo, is budget friendly and gives you a chance to shine creatively. Try kitting for your next event to generate maximum impact. The possibilities are endless!

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