How To Shine This Holiday Season Through Thoughtful Gifting

In anticipation of the holidays, we are excited to share this special guest post from Zazzle’s very own Liz Reynolds, an expert in all-things custom gifts!

If there’s one thing we know at Zazzle, it’s the power of personalization. We get to see firsthand how the impact of even a small custom touch can turn anything from “every day” to extraordinary. As you’re thinking ahead to how you can show your appreciation to your customers, clients, partners and even your own company’s team this holiday season, custom products can really make a difference. Especially around the holidays, a gift or card that has unique flair can turn your business operations into personal interactions.


More and more, the idea of personalization can be applied to the world of business. Businesses are, after all, comprised of people―people with their own interests, personalities and favorite things. Even businesses themselves have their own cultures and personalities! The beauty of a customized gift or card is that you get to add a special touch that reflects your brand and makes it more memorable for the recipient. Talk about creating “Brand Love” moments!

Here are some ideas to get you started as you think about how custom products can work for you and your business’s giftees this holiday season.

Go Traditional

When it comes to custom, even a unique card goes a long way! For the creative audience (think Pinterest-loving and Etsy-inspired), consider custom-printed materials as well, like high-quality paper types and crafty accents. You can even go for completely custom content, such as branded design elements or photos that reflect your team to show the people behind your business. One of the greatest things about sending printed cards is that you can take the opportunity to write a personal note. Don’t be another company that sends the same message out to the masses―letting each recipient see that you know who they are and took the time to write something personal can make an enormous impact.


Get Social

These days, it’s all about social media―imagery and visualization rule! It’s just how we digest information. Why not embrace the trend and get creative with your holiday gift? While they may not admit it, everyone loves a good selfie stick. And there’s no better time of year than the holidays to capture special moments with loved ones. Just think―you may even be able to get your giftees to take a photo with your gift and post it on social media as a thank you! A gift that is highly relevant and will be used often gives your giftees a reason to think of you even when they are not at work. This is an incredibly powerful way to drive deeper connections.


(Pictured Above: Selfie Stick and Mini Digital Video Camcorder)

Empower Office Chic

Cubicles, desks, offices, even coffee shops—we all have our workspaces. And we all have our own personal preferences when creating the perfect hub for doing our best work. Help out with fun, custom office supplies or desk décor for inspiration and an atmosphere that feels like home. Make it personal by including a little note, specially customized for each recipient! This is a great way to stay top of mind—earn yourself a permanent spot on someone’s desk.


(Pictured Above: Leather-Bound Journals and Sticky Note Caddy)

Be Tech Trendy

Who could get anything done these days without our smart phones, tablets, and laptops? If you’ve got tech-savvy clients or employees on your team, give them something they’ll love and use. They’re sure to notice that you recognize their interests and expertise, and appreciate the extra gadgets for their favorite electronics. Tip: gift these tech items right before holiday breaks. Those holidays delays in the airport will kill a phone battery, and that giftee will be grateful to have a portable power bank.


(Pictured Above: Flashlight/Portable Power Bank and Stylus Pen Phone Stand)

The best thing about customized gifts, whether you’re strengthening corporate ties or thanking your team for a job well done, is that they can reflect your brand personality–and better yet, the feeling you want to evoke when people think of your brand. The holidays are a great time to go the extra mile—create “warm fuzzies” that Boundless likes to call “Brand Love moments.” These moments create deeper connections with the people you care about, and keep you top of mind as they start planning for the new year! Think outside the swag bag this season for a gift that will really make your business stand out.


Note from the editor: Special thanks to Liz Reynolds for her fantastic contribution to Spark! Boundless is a member of the Zazzle family of companies and together, Boundless and Zazzle have become the world’s premier provider of customized products to consumers and businesses. The shared vision of both companies helps businesses and individuals bring their creativity to life with personalized products and branded merchandise.

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