How To: Save Time & Money by Aggregating Orders Across Your Organization

Streamlining branded merchandise orders can be especially tough for large organizations. Time continues to grow more strained for marketers, procurement, and buyers across organizations, and it becomes increasingly difficult to coordinate large-scale orders efficiently. Although a challenge, it’s important to take advantage of time and resource savings that can be realized in bulk purchasing―not to mention the benefit of preventing rogue purchasing and inconsistent uses of the brand. Siloes inherent in large organizations too often cause redundancy and extraneous spending that could easily be avoided.

Working with a creative expert to implement an order aggregation solution is the perfect way to make sure purchasing branded products across your organization is not only easy, but also efficient. Here’s how to place bulk orders in a way that will cut back on unnecessary expenditures:

1. Decide on products that will suit the needs of the group: whether they are a tech products, company shirts, or custom products, choose a great promo that will be widely used across the organization.

2. Communicate with the entire organization: it is important to make all appropriate parties aware of an organizational order, educate them on how to place the order, and to define a specific time frame to create urgency.

3. Let technology do the heavy lifting: leverage an online solution to cut out the manual work involved in collecting and managing orders.

4. Watch the savings happen before your eyes: the more orders that are placed, the more everyone will save – tapping into the organizations’ inherent buying power.

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