Gear up for the Great Outdoors


The outdoor enthusiast is no longer defined in marketing circles as the iconic, rugged mountain climber fist pumping on a mountain summit.  For decades, open-air outfitters sought after these stereotypical, brand loyal, and hardcore trailblazers.  And while it’s true that the lucrative outdoor market is exploding — the demographics are changing.

No longer does the image of the intense and hearty lone wolf define the 93 million people who are spending time outside in record numbers.  People of all ages (and increasingly more women) are embracing active, healthy lifestyles.  Today’s outdoor enthusiasts have expanded to include casual campers, backwoods explorers, paddle boarders, hikers, runners and anyone who opts to walk the scenic route over driving.  As more people are seeking an outdoor lifestyle, the need for outdoor products is also increasing.  And this trend is permeating all industries.  The numbers say it best:

• Participation in outdoor recreation is reaching new heights with 42 million Americans actively seeking out and enjoying the outdoors.
• Americans as young as age six are a part of this trend, making the outdoor apparel and accessories market very diverse.
• Between 2005 and 2011 alone, there was a 25% surge in women who took up hunting specifically.

No doubt, more people are getting off the couch and going outside more frequently — and they all need clothing and accessories for comfort and protection.  Conventional wisdom once dictated that performance trumped fashion.  Now, consumers are looking to adventure in clothing that offers the features they want and the camera-ready style they crave — without breaking the bank.  Check out our latest guide and help your customers Gear up for the Great Outdoors.  Here are a few outdoor apparel and accessories trends for you to consider for your next branding opportunity.

Bag it: Stow Gear & Snacks in Style
Help customers get ready for excursions with durable duffels, cinch bags or backpacks with space for gear, devices, and nutrition on the go.  OGIO has an awesome retail line of travel bags for the hunter, hiker, mountain climber or even just the corporate rebel.  These bags will make all the difference for your customers when they are out taking on the great outdoors.  Why not make your brand a part of their story?

Camo: Never Hide a Love for the Outdoors
Camo sends out a signal of camaraderie to others who might also share a love of hunting or the outdoors, which makes it a great pattern for hunting and outdoorsy brands.  To suit up those newly-minted lady hunters, brands like Russel and Port Authority have released a variety of apparel options.  Many of these pieces feature a contoured feminine cut and some even are available in muted pink camo.  A perfect fit for those on the hunt for style, too.


License to Chill: Reel in Comfort & Coverage
From the Saturday morning novice to the experienced fly fisherman, anglers of all stripes can appreciate a fishing shirt.  From the boat to the pier, this multi-tasking shirt serves up comfort and sun protection, plus fly box pockets and a built-in rod holder.  These branded products are made with your adventurous end-user in mind and are sure to make an impression.

Whether your customers are hardcore mountaineers or laid back explorers, we’ve got what they need to hit the open sea or rocky terrain in comfort and style.  Outdoor enthusiasts spend nearly $650 billion annually on recreational activities and gear, so chances are that these people are your customers.  By offering them performance, comfort and the looks they crave, your brand is sure to become part of their adventure.

Interested in aligning your brand with great outdoor gear? Check out the catalog!

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