Founders’ Circle 2016: Discover. Build. #BrandLove.

Sales Affiliates. Preferred Supply Partners. Boundless Corporate. All gather in our home base of Austin, TX every year for our national sales meeting – the one event that manages to bring us together from all corners of North America. This year’s event took place March 22-24 in a hill-country resort outside of Austin and centered around a theme of incremental sales growth and partnership.

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“Why Founders’ Circle?” one might ask. As Boundless CEO Henrik Johansson so simply but eloquently explains, “We’re [getting] great people together to do great things… And in 2006 we realized how important it was to bring everybody together. So we started something called ‘Founders’ Circle,’ and we called it that because we figured that everybody there should be considered a Founder of the company.”

2016 Founders' Circle Participants
2016 Founders’ Circle Participants

Fast forward to 2016, and the event has grown in not only size but in purpose. Over the course of three days our most successful brand specialists had much-needed face-time with 18 of our Preferred Suppliers, along with our Executive team and their peers in the industry, during strategic meetings, product presentations, and educational sessions. The ongoing relationship that Sales and Corporate cultivate with our top-tiered vendors through events like Founders’ is so valuable in that we continue to leverage their expertise, creativity, commitment to compliance, and innovation in order to better serve our clients.

Aside from the vendor meetings and product presentations, this year was unique in that our educational sessions were not only peer-to-peer but Sales and Suppliers also heard from chief buyers at some of our largest accounts as they shared how the Boundless solution has changed the way they do promotional products.

Client Advisory Session 2016
Client Advisory Session 2016

But don’t worry – it wasn’t all structured meetings! Recognizing that one of our company Core Values is “Embrace the Fun,” it wouldn’t be a Boundless event without some good ol’ fashioned relationship building. We started the first day with a team-building exercise, “Minute to Win It,” to get everyone laughing and start the day on a fun note (and believe me, when you watch someone try to move an Oreo cookie from their forehead to their mouth without hands – you’re having fun).

Minute to Winit Game

We also enjoyed dinners, dancing, and award ceremonies together as a group, which is so valuable in such a relationship-driven industry.

Supplier Partners, Sales Affiliates, and Boundless Execs enjoy evening
Supplier Partners, Sales Affiliates, and Boundless Execs enjoy evening

We all were (and still are) thrilled to celebrate this year’s recipient of the Boundless Lifetime Achievement Award, Steve Cohen. Known fondly as the “Green Jacket Award,” this honor takes into account not only Steve’s salesmanship and performance, but also his dedication to servicing his clients, his spirit of giving back, and his embodiment of the Boundless Core Values.

Green Jacket winner Steve Cohen with CEO Henrik Johansson
Green Jacket winner Steve Cohen with CEO Henrik Johansson

We hold the Boundless Core Values very near and dear to our hearts, and we were so excited this year to also recognize the individuals listed below – Sales, Supplier, and Corporate – that uphold the spirit of those Values every day as voted by their peers.

Thank you to all those who made this event possible – our fantastic Preferred Vendors, our amazing Sales Affiliates, and our wonderful Executive leadership.

We’ll see you next year!




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