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Direct Mail

If you are a sales professional (in any industry), odds are you are challenged with prospecting and ensuring your pipeline is full of new leads.  The most common prospecting methodology uses a multi-channel approach, a combination of: cold calling, social spamming (emails and/or targeted advertisements), and direct mail.  And although direct mail can have a bit of an “old-school” reputation, writing it off in your prospecting efforts would be a mistake.

You may be accustomed to sending magnets, pens, or printed marketing materials when it comes to direct mail, but with so much digital marketing being dispersed today, it is important that your direct mail pieces stand out.  When creating a direct mail piece for your prospecting campaigns, it is important to keep two things in mind: first you should maintain your campaign message consistently across channels, and secondly it is critical that you provide your prospect with value.

Maintain your campaign message

On average, it takes 6 attempts before you are able connect with a lead.  Knowing that your campaign will require numerous touches, it is important to create messaging that is cohesive across all the channels you will be using.  If you are torn on whether or not you should be using direct mail, consider that targeted B2B direct mail has a response rate of nearly 37 times more than that that of email alone!  On top of that, the average person receives 121 emails per day, making it extremely difficult to distinguish yourself within the clutter of a prospect’s inbox.

For this reason, it is important that you include more than digital touches within your campaign, and it is critical that you maintain your campaign message throughout each channel.  For example, if you send an email about product trends, make your next touch a direct mail piece that features those trends and includes messaging that ties back to your original email.  In addition to being consistent with messaging, whenever you can use variable data and personalize a piece, DO IT!  There is no better way to make someone feel like they matter and let them know they are not just another prospect helping you meet a quota than by giving them a product or message that is specific to them.

Sample messaging: “Hey {first name},

I wanted to show you first-hand what I was referring to in my email when I mentioned a, b, c… I think these trends would be great to incorporate into {company name}’s next corporate event or product launch. I saw you are currently doing x, y, z and I had some ideas I wanted to share with you that can further enhance these strategies.”

Even if your prospect didn’t open your email, they may be inclined to go back and look for the email after receiving the direct mail piece. In this scenario they will  also be more likely to recognize you and your company name, which can lead to more engagement for future emails and communications.

Provide your prospect with value

Along with making sure your campaign’s messaging is consistent throughout each channel you are using, another way to make sure you are getting the most out of your direct mail pieces is to make sure you are adding value to the prospect.  Being in the promotional products industry, we have exposure into industry news and trending products and it is important that we help prospects fully recognize the power that promotional products can have when used thoughtfully and effectively.  No matter what industry your prospect is in, direct mail is the perfect channel to support your message with physical products to bring your campaign to life.  In the promotional products world, it can be easy to send a basic product with a note, but what value is that really providing to your prospect?

To ensure your direct mail piece is adding value, it is important to think about the message you are trying to convey and then selecting products that further enhance that message.  For example, if you are trying to close a fast-food restaurant account and need a piece that will blow their socks off, would you send them a branded mug?  A branded mousepad?  With endless, creative product options at your fingertips, let’s hope not!

This is where the power of promotions and customization comes in.  In this situation, let’s pretend you want to show them how your team can turn the most common and ordinary promotional products and make them extraordinary.  By keeping your audience and your message in mind, you guarantee your piece will connect with them and provide value.  So, what do you send them?  How about a piece that is a replica of a typical fast-food meal and uses the most common, ordinary promotional products in completely custom shapes and designs, making them extraordinary.

Products: Custom ketchup packet USB, custom cheeseburger Bluetooth speaker, custom french fry tote, custom milkshake koozie, custom milkshake printed/chocolate scented t-shirt

By keeping your messaging consistent throughout various communication channels and putting thought into your direct mail piece to ensure it provides value to the prospect, your campaigns are sure to leave a lasting impression.

At Boundless, our bread and butter is using promotional products in unique and custom ways that will create that “Wow!” moment among both our prospects and clients alike.  We call this Brand Love, and that moment is something our team of Creative Experts can help you build.

Lisa Ghera

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