Debunking 3 Common Customization Myths

Show of hands, who out there owns a polo with a left chest embroidery imprint?  What about a a pen with a phone number on it?  When something becomes extremely commonplace our brains often stop registering it, which means if your imprint methods are unoriginal your customers may not even notice your logo.  It’s important to differentiate from your competitors and that’s where customization comes in!

Customization can be as simple as adding a client name to a product, or using PMS matching to perfectly capture your brand’s colors.  But, when it comes to custom mold promotional products, you are able to truly take customization to the next level.  Essentially, the way it works is that you can work with your sales rep to turn basic products like a USB drive or a phone charger into practically anything, customizing with your mold / color choices.

Do you want a speaker in the shape of a cheeseburger?  Sure!  How about a keychain with a Vans sneaker on it?  No problem.  With custom mold promotional products you can turn tons of popular giveaways into a unique and memorable brand keepsake!

Custom Mold

There is no denying the “wow” factor of custom mold tech, but many marketers aren’t utilizing this creative branding tool due to some misconceptions.  The idea of coming up with something completely original can seem daunting, but this category is ripe with opportunity and is more accessible than you think!  Some common misconceptions surrounding custom mold promos include:

  • High costs

  • Extremely high minimums

  • Long production times

It used to be that in order to achieve fully customized promotional products it would cost an arm and a leg, or you’d have to buy 5,000+ pieces to even qualify for the order.  But more and more suppliers are making completely custom mold, one-of-a-kind branded products accessible to smaller companies and large ones alike.  We’re seeing fully custom mold tech products with minimums as low as 100, and production times as quick as 30 days!  Our supplier partners are innovating and pushing the boundaries on custom mold products, and in the  process are driving down costs for the consumer.  What this means for you is that even if you are working with a smaller budget or need a smaller quantity order, you still have tons of creative imprint and customization capabilities at your disposal.

The best way to get started is to browse some options, so we created this ideabook that features a handful of popular choices.  Your sales rep is going to be a great resource in helping you ideate and bring your vision to life, so reach out to them to get started on your very own custom mold promo!

Sarah Radin

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