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Corporate Gifting: How To Impress Your Recipients

Connection with your target audiences—be they employees, customers, or prospects—is more important than ever before. Having spent over a year isolated from our colleagues and communities, we’re all yearning for some connection, any connection. We crave interactions with the people we care about, even if we can’t give them a high five or a hug. So how can we make a long-lasting, memorable impact with our people? Corporate gifting.

Corporate gifting has exploded to new heights over the past year.  From staycation collections to office-ready gear, gifting is top of mind and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Our customers are always curious about the latest trends in corporate gifting, and one of the trends that has risen to the top this year is the gift of choice. In other words, the recipient has the power to select the gift that matters most to them. And though giving the same gift to all recipients is an excellent strategy for deepening the feeling of community, sometimes offering a choice can create an even more significant experience on an individual level.

We turned to two of our Boundless experts to chime in on the technology and approach to personalize the gifting experience: Wanza Madrid and Amber George.

 The Challenge To Connect and A Simple Solution – Wanza Madrid

It’s no secret that the landscape of our work environment has changed. Even as many are returning to offices, many businesses are opting for a Remote First or a hybrid model where employees are in the office only a few days a week.  With people scattered all over and constantly changing schedules, it can be difficult to make sure sent gifts are actually received by your target audience. The challenge of knowing where to send something can be easily solved by our gift of choice platforms.

Technology can support your gifting initiatives while giving you peace of mind, knowing that what you send is actually received. The Boundless process, our creative gifting experts, and our tech suite allows us to match our clients’ gifting needs with well-suited products and an enhanced recipient experience. It ensures that target audiences receive their gifts at a location that’s convenient for them. From gift selection to address collection, all of our experiences include easy-to-use online tools with limited barriers to entry. Gift recipients can get in, get out, and get on with their lives in under 5 minutes. The last thing that you want is your recipient remembering a cumbersome redemption experience (yuck!) instead of your thoughtfulness.

Best of all, you can be certain that the right person gets the right gift delivered to the right location. It sparks a Brand Love Moment you can be proud of.  



Great Gifts & Great Choices — Amber George

On top of solving logistical challenges, these gift of choice platforms are the ultimate way to personalize your gifting. Our passionate team uses these programs at both in-person and virtual events through our online platforms.  For example, employees can select from a variety of branded merchandise during onboarding at their new company. We’ve also leveraged this solution as a sales incentive with aspirational items like high-end luggage, exercise equipment, or retail gear. The possibilities truly become endless when we step in with a one-of-a-kind gifting option for your end user.

Our favorite part of this process is seeing what people will select! Adding that simple ability to choose makes their interaction that much better. Giving people an option personalizes the gift experience and makes them feel valued. Plus, these gift of choice programs and online platforms give you insight on the most popular items for your target audience. You can build long-lasting relationships for your brand that your recipients will remember, appreciate, and attribute to you.

We’ve seen huge success and meaningful impact in developing custom curated programs that allow our clients the ability to give their recipients a choice. Whether this be a gift to commemorate the tenure of an employee, a well-deserved thank you to a top customer, or an attendee take-away from an event, giving the gift of choice is both popular and just straight up fun! 


You can learn more about the Gift of Choice experience here. Reach out to your Brand Consultant to learn more about corporate gifting options today!

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