Create Memorable Events with Print!

There are a lot of factors that make an event memorable—the guests, the entertainment, the activities, the music, and more.  And as you kick off your events for late summer and fall, you should also consider how print could be added to the mix to make your upcoming events even more impactful. Print pieces have the ability to turn the ordinary into extraordinary and bring all of your marketing elements together for a cohesive and memorable moment.

Are you ready to ramp up on events?
Late summer and fall are an exciting time for events. Mixers for new college students, state fairs and other outdoor events, music festivals, and more will be ramping up as companies take advantage of the warm weather. Whether your company is hosting an event or simply attending as a sponsor or exhibitor, print is one way to make your brand more memorable.

Incorporating print in your event activities
Are you preparing for an event that requires pre-purchased tickets for entry? Or perhaps you are hosting a fundraiser like a raffle? Event tickets are a great solution. You can coordinate your event tickets with your other print pieces like posters, event décor, flyers, one-pagers and more for a cohesive look.

Give print favors with some flair
Gifts, handouts, and favors are another great way to make your event more memorable for guests. Promotional products are a classic option for party favors or traditional promotional use, and with a wide variety of options ranging from drinkware to key fobs you can choose the product that is right for the attendees at their event. You can also create playing cards to keep the fun going long after the event ends.

event products

Promotional products should also be accompanied by informational pieces. Handouts like brochures are a tried-and-true way to highlight information about your business and your products, but they are just the start of the informative print pieces you can create. Get creative with your print pieces with trading cards to highlight individual salespeople or new products, bookmarks to show off images of a new product, and more! Along with print pieces signage, floor decals and more can help make your event a success.

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