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Hello, I'm a Millennial

Hi, my name is Sarah… and I am a Millennial.

I Snapchat minute details of my day, and always include a kitschy caption and an emoji.  My iPhone is practically an extension of my arm, and more often than not I find myself watching cat videos instead of talking with my friends sitting right in front of me.  I text instead of call, and I am constantly scanning life for those “Grammable” moments.  Google is my teacher, Netflix my entertainment, and Amazon is my shopping mall.


I can see why other generations look at Millennials and shake their heads; compared to past generations we have it so easy.  Although in my younger days we only had flip phones, for the most part, I can’t imagine a life without smartphones.  These small devices have more computing power than the computer that put a man on the moon, and they fit in our pocket!  When you stop and take a second to actually think about it, you realize that smartphones are incredible and have completely changed so many aspects of our lives.  So I know that sometimes Millennials get a bad rap, but maybe we are just a product of all of the incredible technology that’s out there.

Before I continue, allow me to provide some stats that will put things in perspective.  Millennials are generally considered to be between the ages of 17 to 34 and collectively we are expected to spend $200 billion annually starting this year.  That’s a lot of dough.  As Millennials continue to enter the workforce, the way that we do business will shift to accommodate this tech-enabled group.  According to Pew Research, 77% of Americans currently own a smartphone, and on average Millennials send 50 texts a day!  Smartphones, wearables, and tablets are an integral part of our lives and their influence will only increase as time goes on.

And while Millennials are connected now more than ever, on the flip side we are being bombarded by content, and are only absorbing a fraction of what we actually hear, read and see.  Getting our attention is tough, but as a group, we are fiercely brand loyal.  According to a report from Edelman, 70% of Millennials will always come back to brands they love and have formed a connection with.   Traditional advertising has been proven to be less effective on Millennials than past generations, making promotional products a great alternative option to form a connection.

So now that you are armed with the facts, I’d love to show you 5 tech-enabled products hand-picked by yours truly, that are practically guaranteed to be a hit with your Millennial customers.

Bottle Opener Phone Case

phone case opener

Maybe you’ve seen a bottle opener phone case before, but probably not one like this.  Not only does this case meet Military Drop-test Compliance Standards for life’s “Ooops” moments, but it also integrates with an IOS App that tracks how many drinks you’ve popped, and also lets you add fun sound effects and graphics to the experience.  Check out this video to see all the features!  This is a novelty item with full-color branding opportunities that will generate buzz, and jump start conversations about your brand.  How rad is that?

Bluetooth Trackers

Bluetooth Trackers

One downside to all of the technology at our disposal is that we are carrying expensive tech gear around and there is a risk of it being lost or stolen.  Bluetooth trackers are ALL the rage with Millennials because it is pretty much like an undo button for our more spacey moments.  Have you ever left your keys at a restaurant (guilty), or has your phone ever taken a dive into your couch cushions?  These tracker tiles are the answer to those small panic moments when something goes missing.  The tracker can be attached to your valuables and then through an app, you are able to track its location.  Additionally, if you lose your phone and it is nearby, you can ring it by pressing on your Tile (or Beagle).  I am a walking testimony that these devices are a total lifesaver.

AuraBox 2.0

AuraBox 2.0 Speaker

Part desktop notification system, part wireless speaker, this device has tons of features!  You can customize the display to show the time, weather, or any design you create using the paired application.  Get alerts and prioritize what’s important, or just throw yourself a strobe dance party.  I’d go on, but this video says it better.  (There is even a DJ mode where you can make beats and a light show!)  This product is cool by anyone’s standards and will make a huge impression with your Millennial customers.



This category has been popular for years, but recently we’ve seen more options and more retail brand companies get in on the trend.  The result?  Tons of options, styles, and features at a price range that can fit almost anyone’s budget.  Health and fitness are very important to Millenials, so providing tech that enables that lifestyle will put your brand top of mind and help forge loyalty that will last a lifetime.

Rain Alertz Umbrellas

Rain Alertz

Everyone knows that umbrellas are extremely useful, but only when you don’t leave them at home!  Enter AAA Innovation umbrellas, powered by the Rain Alertz app!  This app can be customized with your branding and will send a tailored friendly alert to grab your umbrella if there is a 60% or more chance of rain in the forecast.  This tech is beyond useful and is highly effective in keeping your brand top of mind.

So there you have it, a mix of useful and novel products that are sure to make an impression with brand loyal Millennials.  We may be a tough group to win over, but once you are in, it’s for life.  Millennials as a group are also very vocal on social platforms, so not only will you gain a customer, but also a brand advocate with hundreds of followers.  In between posting our selfies, we may just want to rave about how much we love your brand or product.  So what are you waiting for?  Let’s go spread the #BrandLove!

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