Coming Together for a Cause – Austin-Style!

Boundless was proud to participate again this year in The Statesman Cap10K Run—the largest 10K race in Texas and one of the top 10 in the nation, which took place this past Sunday, April 12.for_a_cause

We had a sizeable team this year, though we did have humble beginnings! What started as a casual “water cooler” conversation where a few people agreed to run has become an organized event for our company. Our CEO, Henrik Johansson, believes strongly in one of our core values, “embracing the fun,” and being involved in our community. Boundless covered the entry fee for all the runners, a portion of which is donated to charity! The event organizer (Austin-American Statesman) selected The Trail Foundation as the beneficiary of the 2015 race—a worthy cause in a city whose residents love the outdoors. The Trail Foundation helps protect and enhance the Butler Trail at Lady Bird Lake through careful improvements to infrastructure and conservation.

With our largest team to date, Boundless had 20 runners participating—nearly twice as many as last year! It was a great opportunity for staff members to come out with their families and friends and be a part of a great Austin tradition. As the team organizer, I like getting the staff involved and pumped up for the run because it’s so fun for athletes and non-athletes alike. I enjoy looking at people’s faces prior to the run. Their faces tell you the race has special meaning for them. It could be achieving their best time or completing their first race ever!

This year, despite some wetness and fog, the race gave our team a great excuse to get out and enjoy our city. Each milestone marker had a special treat: live music—only fitting for a city known as the “Live Music Capital of The World!” The music filled the air with excitement and electricity during the race which helps keep everyone motivated, though some people run the race to clown around, literally, as they come dressed up in costumes.

Personally, I “hate” running. But there’s something about what it does to the mind and body that is fascinating to me. For me, pain sets in at around four to five miles. My leg muscles cry out “stop the pain” but my mind zones out and takes control of my body. It’s an amazing feeling! I understand why one would climb the Himalaya’s or scale the face of Yosemite, but I’ll stick with running because it’s a little less dangerous.

Me, getting ready to run!

I was so fortunate to enjoy a fantastic event this year with some very special co-workers. I can’t wait for next year. Congratulations to all my peers who came out and showed their pride and enthusiasm: Ben Balentine, Christine Wendt, Claire Cannan, David Dettmer, Ethan Wooldridge, Graham Douglass, James Doyle, Jennifer Purcell, Keith Stewart, Kendall Klein, Mackenzy Cade, Mollie Silverhelm, Morgan Wilks, Norm Bautista, Rachel Wahlgreen, Rasmus Wendt, Rebecca Litvin, Robyn Dettmer, Sarah Radin, Stephanie Freyer, Tim Dietrich, Uliana Isbell.

I am especially proud that seven of our runners finished the 10K faster than the average for this race! We still feel like winners even though we came in 46th out of 61 corporate teams.

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