How to Capture Your Customer’s Attention

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In the digital age, connecting with your customer is harder than ever.  We’re excited to share this guest post from our partner Navitor on tips to get noticed and build the #BrandLove!

Your customers are busy, and their time and attention is valuable.  With budgets to think about and the onslaught of daily tasks, how do you ensure that your customer is receiving and focusing on your marketing message?

Whether you are sending your customer an email, preparing for a sales meeting, crafting a presentation, or creating your advertisements, capturing your customer’s attention is essential.  And getting them hooked from your first sentence can ensure that they continue listening until your message has been delivered in full.  With that in mind, here are a few tips to stand out and REALLY reach your customers!

Get To The Heart of What They Want
Every marketing message you send out—whether that message is in an email, part of your elevator pitch, or put in print—is about speaking to what your customer wants.  Telling them what’s in it for them is a great way to catch their attention and keep it.

But Don’t Tell Them Everything
Nothing captures an audience’s attention quite like the promise of more.  Make sure that your communication is concise and focuses on one or two attention-grabbing details.  For example, if you are running a sale or incentive program, there is no need to talk about every precise detail of the products that are offered.  You want to keep it simple and entice them to reach out to learn more.

Be Unexpected
Have you ever been in the audience of a speech and had the speaker say something entirely unexpected?  If you have, you’ll know that an unexpected moment can catch your attention and keep it throughout the rest of the communication.  Your communication should deliver at least one “wow!” moment.

Focus on Benefits
It can be easy to get bogged down by the details of products, but when you’re looking to catch the attention of customers or prospective customers it is important that you cut through that to focus on the benefits.  Your customer might not care about the weight of the new stock you offer, for example, but they will appreciate knowing that new heavyweight stocks will give them a splash of color or a high quality feel.  Avoid using too much industry jargon and make sure that the impact of the product is very clear.

Use More of Your Customer’s Senses
Whether it’s a photograph on an email or a sample that they can touch and feel, there is nothing quite like a visual or tactile example to make your products and messaging more memorable. (Pro tip: branded giveaways and flyers are physical reminders of interactions and have more impact and staying power than other forms of advertising!)

Ask Questions
Nothing gets a prospective customer thinking quite like a well-placed question. Questions ask to be answered, and whether or not your customer actually offers that answer aloud they will definitely be thinking it.

These are some tips to grabbing your customers attention, but we know that making an impression is only the first step in the journey to turn prospects into loyal customers.  Promotional products, whether an event giveaway or print pieces and signage, are great ways to help close the deal after making an impression. 

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